Tips To Increase Page Rank – Top 5 Tricks To Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition, I’m Using Tip #1 Right Now!

Tips To Increase Page Rank

As a professional fitness trainer and bodybuilding competitor, a general workout and fitness routine keeps me in shape for a while, but when competition date arrives or summer time is just around the corner, the general workout and diet just won’t cut it.

I have to know when to use leverage and when to use raw strength to maximize my time in the gym and keep my muscles hitting a plateau.  Nutrition wise, I have to use timing windows and stick to my macro nutrient percentage in order to catapult my peak of nutrition before my training and post workout.

Simply put, I have to do the little things that makes a huge impact and keeps me on top of my game.

It’s like having the racing stripes on a fast car, having extra nos boost to race, slick tires and proper engine tune up.

Those little adjustments gives you the edge over your competition and it is a lot easier to set up on your blog practice than it sounds.

Enough with the Science talk and watch this quick video to find out my 5 top tips to increase page rank.


Tip # 1: We Create Pages For The People Not For Google!

Tips To Increase Page Rank

I know that our titles or headlines for SEO purpose needs to be search engine friendly.  This is why we follow the protocol of keyword research and find ideas on a keyword we try to rank for.  For example with this blog, I am writing about tips to increase page rank.  

Those four keywords are good to the eyes of Google but let’s be honest, for us human beings it sounds like a robot.

So I have been researching on the internet and came across Pat Flynn’s site talking about changing the title a lot more user friendly rather than Google friendly.

By adding “Tips To Increase Page RankTop 5 Tricks To Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition, I’m Using Tip #1 Right Now!” in the title creates curiosity for my audience.

Another example on this image below shows what I mentioned above.

tips to increase page rank

 Not only the top 10 tips captures the eyes of your audiences, but saying “I love them all especially #6!” will spark curiosity and will engage your audience to whole new level.

They will start to think what #6 is right?

Even though the title seems all out of whack and can’t fit in the box you have to change your routine up a little bit to break plateaus.

The reason why we do this even though it may not be SEO friendly, it is definitely facebook share worthy and nowadays facebook shares and any social media has more impact especially if you have a call to action like telling people about tip #6 for example.

Remember that saying of you can only make one good first impression.  You title does this and even if your content is just so epic but if your audience don’t click because your title looks like a robot created it, then you will not get any readers in the first place.


Tip #2: The Never Ending Story That Always Sells

Tips To Increase Page Rank

People love story.  If you have read this far in this blog post means that you had enjoyed my analogy above about me being a fitness trainer that changes routines and comparing with changing routines with my blog posts.

The point is that story always sells.  When your story sells, your page ranks. Bounce rate means the speed of the click of your audience on the back button when they first land on your page or post.  This triggers an alarm for Google that your audience didn’t like your content and it down ranks your page from Google.

On a non SEO stand point, creating a story keeps people engaged and most of the time they can resonate with what you are going through.  Some people live their lives vicariously through you because they may not at their current situation be able to do what you had shared in your stories.

For example going on a skydive.  Not everyone has done it and for sure by reading your story they can experience it through you and perhaps even you can inspire and empower them to do the same thing.

Your stories keeps you relevant and creates a huge following because they see that you are just like them.  A normal human being that chose to take action and now you are sharing your extraordinary experience because of your extraordinary choices in life.

You just have to remember to keep your stories relevant to what you are posting.

This is the reason why I choose to write not only about tutorials, networking or money making opportunities, but I also post my life experiences to keep my audiences engaged.


Tip #3: Find Out From Your Analytics Which Page Is Popular And Include Your Optin Forms

You know that saying that the money is in the list?  This strategy is quite simple.  If you know your top 5 most popular page that your audience just can’t get enough of, then just add an optin form in the middle of the post or at the end of the post.

Just telling your audience that if they are enjoying this blog post you might want to sign up below to get more updates and newsletter plus my free gift of 9 day Video Bootcamp For Your Business.

 how to create a blog from scratch

First Name:
Last Name:

Tips To Increase Page Rank

Exactly like the optin form I have above (which I really do ask of you to sign up! You’ll be glad you did ;)  ) Remember that great content that is appreciated and gives value in people’s lives will always attract people to sign up to your list and subscribe to whatever knowledge you are able to share with them.

This is what networking is really all about.  Just sign in on your hosting site analytics (have a google analytics account setup) and check which page ranks the most out of them all.  You can even monetize on that position by editing the post and adding some tools that people may find useful and send them to your affiliate link.


Tip #4: The Fingers You Have Used To Dial Are Too Fat

According to Cisco report, that mobile internet users will surge at a rate of 66% every year, since the global market are able to purchase mobile devices for internet usage as more and more machines are connected together as well through the internet.


If you are using a mobile device as you read this post, you might have clicked through the link above regarding mobile internet usage.  You will notice also that the hyperlink was strategically placed on its own line, centred, capitalized and isolated.

The reason for this is that a hyperlink that is isolated and highlighted like above will be easier for your audiences to click through.

Another example below is a post I created a weeks back on how to increase visitor’s to my blog.  The same principle is used here where I Isolated the hyperlink in order to increase page rank for that post.

I do recommend to click there if you do want to know my top tricks on how to increase my traffic whether SEO, Paid or Social Media.


That link above about my post is a very relative post to this post’s topic since we are talking about how to increase page rank.  How many people do you think will find that link above very useful?

Not only it is relative to this post and gives my readers VALUE, I chose that internal link to be promoted within this post because I share and show the tools that I personally use in that guide.

Those tools or products are also affiliated with me which can ultimately lead me to a commission if my audience chooses to use those affiliate products.

Joe, So what does this have to with having finger’s that are too fat?

As I have discussed earlier about the growing rate of mobile internet users globally, more than likely this blog post that you are reading is on your tablet or mobile device.

Am I correct?  If not then that’s cool too :) However my audiences chooses to read posts is at their own convenience and discretion.

Let me ask you something.  Have you ever used your mobile device on the internet for example purchasing a shirt from a non authoritative site where they didn’t have a responsive blog setup that is optimized for tablet or mobile?

You wanted to click on that item to purchase and you ended purchasing a pink skirt instead because the link was so close to the link you wanted to press.

Then you tried in zoom in and zoom out but it still wont work and you just can’t seem to get that link to open.

If this has never happened to you either because you don’t believe in internet mobile usage or you have really tiny pointy stylus type fingers.

tips to increase page rank

I also researched that 51% of emails are opened by through mobile devices.  You will notice that I do the same Isolation technique to my emails if you are one of my followers who receives my newsletter.

Remember that you are trying to rank and be the best in this niche so don’t be lazy and make your blog or emails as user friendly as possible, because that simple gesture of helping them to click on your promoted site or page posts, will stop them from getting frustrated and more lost and ultimately click the close box on the top right window.


Tip #5: Tips To Increase Page Rank With Images For Social Media

After a few hours of creating my epic content I hit publish and be done with it right?

Wrong!  That is just half the battle!  This is the most crucial step that most bloggers or amateurs always neglect to do.

You must get your audiences to see and share your blog post product.  They are there waiting and salivating over your next valuable content, but how will they know if its epic without an epic image screenshot to go with it.

You are almost doing a disservice to you and to your audience by not having an image or a crappy image with your blog post when you share them on facebook.

I always use images and facebook is my number one sharing platform to make my contents go viral.

Having that epic image calls your audience to action and start clicking your post and they feel also equally cool by sharing the knowledge to their friends and networks.

I know that most of you already know the concept of sharing content with your social media and using images, but let’s go a little bit more edgy.

Creating an entirely unique relevant image with your logo and title will make a huge difference from being clicked at or ignored.

Here is an example of my youtube post that I created a simple image and logo with the title.


tips to rank your page


You noticed that most of my images are neon colored and bright.  This is to attract the eyes of my audiences so they click on my content.

I practice this to all of my social media sharing platforms.  By spending a little bit of time to create an image that captures your audiences eyes really makes a big impact and professionalism to your blog post.

You can use or if you have your own VA or graphics designer in your team they can create a nice image for you.

For beginners who wants to do it themselves you can use photoshop or a free tool called and which I use on all of my image editing.

Doing this for the first time took me about 20 mins to create, but once I got better at it, it takes about 2-3 mins tops ;)

You just have to make it simple and relevant and not to be too fancy on creating the featured images.

Another good trick to do is take a screenshot of your content or blog post and blur it out then edit a title into it like this:

Tips To Increase Page Rank

I choose 403 x 403 pixels for the size of the pic to fit properly and square on facebook featured image.  Your image background pic must be edited with paint or adobe then save the file and reopen on fotor to add the text like above.

Another image size that most people use when your content with the popular link-shared images with the pixel size of 560 x 292.  Try to find out which image size works best when you post your content on facebook.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

These are five of my favourite plateau busting, traffic increasing and eye catching tips that will give you the edge that you need.

If you practice these techniques after you push the publish button your work doesn’t stop there.  In fact this is where I do my SEO magic and social media shares.

I have one student and he says that the network marketing industry is super saturated and there are too much competition.  I told him that you need to change your mindset by taking points from successful networkers on how to beat competition with simple strategies that can make huge impact on being shared or ignored by your potential followers.


Inspiring and empowering you,

surf joe





Joseph Villanueva

Do you have other tips to increase page rank that you use that you may share with us here? Please comment below, and don’t forget to share and like this post!