Testimonials From My Students


It’s not about braggin’ on how much you make yourself but how much you have changed other people’s lives that really counts here on earth. Here are just some of my more than satisfied students that have gotten results from my coaching!


Fidel Mayoya has struggled with online marketing and considered himself a newbie even though he has been in the business for 5 years.  He has been scammed by fake coaches and products and lost $10,000 in the process.  He finally found me and asked for help and we got to work :)  A few weeks later he finally tasted victory and made his first $1000 day commission.

fidel proof 1k (1)

One of my young superstar student above named Awah Hammad who is 19 years old from Rwanda, Africa has been frustrated and lost money in his business couple of months ago from a mentor who left him high and dry.  Now he is making success and helping others do the same as well.

awah testi

Darren “Dazza” Kay from Australia from newbie to an expert marketer after my coaching

Carsten from Germany has become a master of marketing and boosted his online business!

Sam Nassan from Belgium has followed my advice and now a succesful marketer!

sam testi

I am also a Proud Warrior Forum Contributor and my students and fellow marketers speak for themselves!

war test3

I don’t need to keep going on and on about the good deeds I have done to people’s lives to go on and quit their jobs and live the dream lifestyle they were destined to have, but let’s push on

You can see now that you are dealing with a real person who started out just like you and I am willing to give everything I got to make you my next success story!  If you follow my simple steps to success there is no stopping you in getting to fire your boss and living the dream lifestyle you deserve.

I am very transparent and real enough to tell you as it is without any extra added sugar ;)

What I teach is exactly what I do for my own success with no nonsense.

I show and share every single mistakes and successes I have experienced to my students.  I am their guinea pig in a sense and willing to take the lead and discovery new ways to take their business to the next level.

I will guide you by the hand and lead you to your online business success.

To show more proof of my own success just keep reading below.

I’ve done everything online from niche websites on health and fitness, network marketing and even product creation.

When I decide that I’m going to enter a company I don’t play around and I get to work and start helping my team follow right beside me.

I have multiple income streams coming from products I created, other MLM company and random affiliate products I promote.

I will teach you how to build a business online that will allow you to quit your job and gain both financial and time freedom.


mlsp mobe


I was asleep and made this automated sale from two of my favourite network marketing business I am currently affiliated with.

aug 19 mobe



Here is also some of my product sales from paypal

new paypal mttb

new testimonial ewallet payquicker

And above is just my recurring passive income from one of my affiliate programs :)
I’m also recognized as top leader in one of my affiliate programs in just a few months of joining with little effort

mlsp l1 achievement

This is just some of my recent successes and just like the testimonials I can keep showing you them all night long with screenshots after screenhots but what’s important is how I will get results for YOU!

I am proud of my results and my students here but not prideful so I will not talk much more, but I think you know what you need to do right now — The First Step Is To Enter Your Email Below To Get My Bootcamp Training.



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