How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing – Leverage The Power Of Relationship

How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing

I’m super excited with this topic!  As everybody knows since we all do Facebooking, Twitting, Blogging and Vlogging, we have to remember that they all really for the unification of the human society as a whole.  It’s all about community.

In this video episode I will explain why it is so important to create a relationship instead of dictatorship within the social media platforms.


It’s All About Love

How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing

I want to share a little analogy when it comes to generating leads and traffic towards our business opportunities, affiliates, products whatever shiny object you are promoting.

Network marketing is exactly the same as a young man meeting a young woman for the first time.

Let’s create a scenario where the young man meets the young woman in a house party.  He is totally love at first sight with this girl.  This opportunity may not happen again so he plays in his head the idea what if he asks her hand in marriage right away.

Now what do you think the girl would say to him if he does what he was thinking?  What are the odds that she is going to say yes to a complete stranger a proposal of lifetime commitment to someone she only seen the first time?

Now let’s change characters and the situation a little bit.  Let’s replace the boy to be you and the girl as a potential customer.

Instead of marriage we are going to replace it with a primary business opportunity that you are affiliated with that you are proposing to her.  Perhaps MOBE, Empower Network, MLSP etc.  and let’s switch the house party as a Facebook make money online group pages.

The end result in both case scenario is somewhat a comedy and the funny thing is that, that’s what is going on inside these Facebook pages, Youtube comments, Twitter etc.  It’s all bombarded with marriage proposals of their primary business opportunity.

As the customer, they have not seen the value of their suitor at all.  They just want to milk the cow before purchasing it.

If this is the way you run your marketing strategy then you will end up frustrated and more broke than before you had gone full time marketer and was an employee.  This is not the right way on how to use social media for network marketing.

Love is the most powerful thing in the Universe and if you can at least show that to your customers then you they may actually accept your proposal.  Love is a choice and trust is a product of this choice.


A Whole New World

How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing

As a leader in the network marketing it is my duty to rise other leaders for the future of not only my company but their own companies as well.  It’s all about showing your audience that they are part of your growth.

Remember that if they had subscribed to your list at one point of their life they had agreed upon your ideologies and beliefs.  You need to take them to your journey towards your goal.  You may be a head of them not by much in the beginning or maybe you are already at the pinnacle of your success, there are eyes always watching you.

This is where you can harness and leverage the power of social media.  No matter how simple a task or project you are doing, your audience are interested in that.

You need to document it or record it as it unfolds.  Engaging your leads and audience as important events are happening in your life big or small, is a huge, huge impact within the inner circle you had created for yourself.

Your audience needs to see that you are truly no one special and what your accomplishments are not impossible to achieve but it’s a hard fight to get there.

Just by documenting a contest you are participated in and documenting your whole experience and sharing it to your fans makes them feel as if they are the ones going through the contest.

People resonate through your struggles and victories.  Trust me they much rather hear those epic stories rather than telling them how much thousands they can make by signing up with your affiliate program.


Engagement Equals Value: Proper Way On How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing

How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing

I have to admit the value of Youtube in my business.  It not only allow me to connect with my audience but engage with them.  They can see my conviction and facial expressions.  They can see that I am a real person and not just some creep behind the computer that is waiting to scam their life savings away.

For me, I consider real life emotions as value and social media has intertwined out fast crashing lives into a halt with these social media tools.

I can share my experiences from a trip that I may be in. I can share my pictures that shows my family good times. I can share funny moments that fills up the people’s hearts with laughter.  I can share my struggles and victories.  I can teach and preach what makes my career a success to others.

My audiences are my extended family and I consider them extensions of my soul that shapes our lives for the better.

Of course you can join every single network marketing pages and groups and spam the heck out of them with your products.  You can create videos that doesn’t help anybody but only commercializes your affiliates.  Tweet your next shiny product until your fingers bleed.

Choosing to complain and sharing your negative drama will only attract those type of audiences which is not good for you or your business.

Spamming may produce temporary lucky results but easy come and easy go.

Instead focusing on keeping things real and then leveraging the power of relationship genuinely will not only attract the right type of partners for your business, it will also develop your own personality while documenting yourself as you grow.

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a stranger from halfway around the world but feel like they are your brother or sister speaking in front of you from the screen monitor.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

At the early stages of your online business it’s very easy to follow the trend of using the power of social media for many wrong reasons.  I know that frustration and desperate times calls for desperate actions.

But using the technology we are blessed with in order to sneak a quick sale like a slithery oil salesman is just plain wrong.  We should embrace the trend of the giant search engines on really helping each query and question keywords with the honest truth.

We should build our trust by showing our audiences our weaknesses, strengths, laughter, struggles, guidance, advice, victories and defeats.

This is the heart and soul of the internet.  You are the Spirit that drives this parallel universe.


Inspiring and Empowering You,

Joseph “Mighty Joe” Villanueva

How To Use Social Media For Network Marketing





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