How To Sell Your Product Brand – Monetizing Your Brand Name

how to sell your brand product

Welcome back my friend!  On my last post I talked about how to grow your brand loyalty right here on my blog a few weeks back.  I know that you have enjoyed that article and hope that I had given you value ;).  As was discussed on that article how important it was to grow your brand loyalty first before focusing on other things for your business since your brand name popularity and authority is our end goal.

On today’s blog I will discuss the next step and perhaps the most important step in any business.  We start a business so that we can create the lifestyle of our dreams.  And to achieve those dreams, we need money.

We will cover how to sell your product brand.

I believe in providing value and over delivering to our clients, but your business will not survive if your are too shy or to scared to make a sale.  Remember that your followers follow you because you are a closer and a best seller.  For example the branding name of “best-selling author” is something that people respect and also find very attractive as well.

The problem with giving everything away for free is that your followers will think that the product your produced has no value since it’s free.  They will also not be motivated to take action to better themselves after purchasing your product or your coaching.

You give something free as a bribe or to get people enticed to join your list but selling your product with value shows your authority and pushes people to take action in to reaching their desired goals and dreams in life, or else they waste their investment.


How To Sell Your Product Brand Without Selling

how to sell your brand product

Let’s talk about the difference of product to sell and product to giveaway.  When you create a bribe or lead magnet that give’s value to your audience it almost always entices them to sign up to your list and give their email away.

Now, a product that you create that gives your full attention like more time slots for coaching, a free blog creation or weekly webinars added to your bribe and lead magnet should be and needs to be sold, plain and simple.

It is needed to be sold as an affiliate sign up bonus or purchasing one of your coaching or application offers and products.

Your audience should be able to start their business already just from the free information you have given to them after opting in to your list but if they sign up or purchase your offer, you are now obligated to push them to their success.

Your special offers are like the Nitro NOS tank for the careers of your students or audiences.  Everyone starts to their race but some are willing to invest time, money and effort in order to get ahead of the game.

So with that being said, you should have your sales funnel setup where you have your free valuable information to give away but you should always have the special offers that can give your students or audiences that boost they need to succeed for a price.

When you have a system setup this way, you are always on the upper hand and you never have to pitch to your customers which nobody likes.

They will naturally respect you because of the value you have given and the value you can give extra for the premium price of  course.

This is “selling” without having to sell.  Your authority will always trump the doubts and fears of your clients because your have done what is successful and showed them your brand name value.  Now who says how to sell your product brand was hard?


Never Be Scared To Create Your Product

how to sell your brand product

I know it is a very scary thing especially if your are new.  But once you have found a mentor like myself who has a proven system that works, all you need is to reverse engineer their successful path.

It is also better to think of product creation as a product offer.  When you think of offering a product that can help your audience instead of creating  product, it is less cumbersome and a lot more motivating to start and finish.  This is a great way on how to sell your product brand naturally.

As a leader, you are always offering your audience help.  You never push products to them.  It just drives them away trust me!

If you offer people solution to their problems instead of pushing a product, they will always think about you helping them instead of selling them out.

They will help you fatten your paypal account in return also ;).

Another point of creating your own product if to not become a jack of all trades and master of none. Instead learn to master a skill like SEO, Graphics, Solo Ads, MLM, Coaching etc and make this your air that you breathe.

It is not only good for your well being, it is also good as personal development.

When you master a special skill, you can start remembering things that you had trouble with before your mastered that skill and realize that there are others that have the same problem right now that needs guidance and solution.

Then you can start offering products to help others and spread the word that you are the key to this problem.

Never mind if there are others offering the same solution, just focus on yourself and your followers because there will always be someone ending and starting their online career every second of the day.  Plenty of fish are on the sea and if you practice your skills everyday, those fishes will notice that you have a very tasty bait!


Where Do I Begin?

how to sell your product brand

One of my “best selling” free courses I promote is the Bootcamp For Your Business.  Here is the form below if you are interested to take the challenge on building your own online empire!

Whether you are new or a veteran entrepreneur, you probably hadHow To Sell Your Product Brand thought about or already have done some product creation or offers for your audience.  One thing is for sure, this is a very lucrative way to make dollars that shouldn’t be passed if you want a successful business.

If you are curious on how to create a product just sign up below on the form and you will see my 9 day video course on how to start making 1K A Day Online.  Putting together this course does take a lot of time but it converts dollars and cents to my account.


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It is also my sales funnel that offers my audiences or students on products I use personally to reach success on my online business.

Just a simple list of products tools that I am affiliated with is enough for you to start creating a free or paid ebook.

The human nature is a very funny thing, because showing someone your simple tools that makes your business 1K A Day forces them to take action as well.

We are a tool driven beings!  It’s not necessarily the knowledge of how to do things specifically but the tools we used is often far more important for others to know because it is the “secret sauce” of somebody’s success.

So if you give somebody a free ebook for example of tools you use on how to create awesome Youtube videos for the cheapest budget, people that are interested in that niche will gladly sign their email away.

Afterwards, you can “offer” your product or coaching to teach them your way of successful handling of these tools and how to monetize the video campaign for a price.

This is the best way to start product creation!

My bootcamp video course is so cheap to create that I have used screencast-o-matic to capture my pc screen, my iphone earphones and mic to speak with, windows movie maker to edit the videos and my iphone 4s camera to shoot my videos with.

That’s it!  Cost me 20$ for the capture software and the rest is free :D.

See how easy it is to create a product?  Go ahead and start creating your own and let’s make some money!


Being A Coach Really Pays!

how to sell your product brand

Being a coach can be a pretty daunting task for a beginner I know but follow three simple steps.  First, find a good mentor or coach that has proven track record of success and follow their steps.  Step two is to start doing what you learned and don’t be scared to mess stuff up, this is part of learning and developing your own coaching sense.

This is where you start to see your strengths and start mastering that knowledge.  People pay big bucks for specialized knowledge ;)

Finally when you get positive results from your own knowledge application you can start to teach!

Now tell yourself with authority, “I am a coach!”.

Document your own success with media and testimonials to build our own portfolio, spread the word on social media and forums like warrior forum about your offer and watch the students flock to you with cash at hand.

It doesn’t have to be the most technical skill either, it could just be as simple as opening a facebook group page and run a webinar about it!

Once you have also seen that your brand is in demand, you can start offering your audiences one on one access on a monthly, weekly or daily basis personally as your schedule permits.  This actually makes your followers happy and have a sense of accomplishment and motivation in their endeavor since they now have a direct connection to you.

Be confident especially when creating your product launches because you are now an authority with proven track record of success and your customers are more than happy to pay for a valuable session with you.  Always remember that selling products and services of value are nothing new!  This has been business since the caveman and homosapiens learned how to trade fire with food.  It’s business as usual.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

One of my good friend who has a successful luxury car business gave me some wise words regarding business.  He said that a business is like a baby.  You gotta feed it, change it diapers, play with it and teach it how to become strong and intelligent.  Out of all of these he emphasized on feeding, meaning being able to sell your product in order to reinvest in your business to scale bigger.

Without this, your baby will die and all of your love and effort to raise this baby will die with it.

Sure it is very important to give value and over deliver to our clients but you must create a system where you are giving clients more than enough to get them started but also offer services and products at their own discernment in which they can choose to grow their business as fast as they want.

If you believe and see yourself more than a person of success but rather a person of great value, your clients will see it through as well.

No matter what price tag you have for your product on sale, there is an intelligent like minded individual willing to work with you and need your help in order for their investment in themselves to be as valuable as you are.

how to create a blog from scratch


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Inspiring you,


Joseph Villanueva


Now that you know how to sell your product brand, you know what to do!  Like, comment and share the good word to those who needs it!