Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – How To Rank Your Blog Posts and Start Making Profits

search engine optimization tutorial

This tutorial will not only help you rank your posts that you spent so much time and effort on, but I will also show you how to start making profits from them.

Creating your blog is a daunting task for many novice online entrepreneurs and network marketers out there, but once you have created once, you can create them all.

The trick is not how pretty or cool your site looks, it is what’s inside that really counts.

You gotta have soul in it.  There is a saying that nobody has a soul when we are born but only develops by the compilation of experiences that a human being goes through their struggles and victories.

The same applies to your blog.  It is a struggle to create something out of nothing and without the knowledge and practice of getting your blog ranking on Serps (search engines), then all your work is in vain.

One of my networking friends said that they find my multiple contents that I’ve created on my blog turn up on top of Google.

If this is so, then that’s good news for me because I know that every hour there will be traffic that will see my hard work.

A lot of my subscribers asks me how to do this.  It’s very simple and in this tutorial I will reveal my secret to my loyal followers here in MightyJoe.Org!

There is no secret on this search engine optimization tutorial or SEO for short and it is quite easy once you make sense of it all.  It just takes detailing and consistency.

You will get a lot of misinformation in the internet or so called experts that will tell you that they know what they are doing then all of the sudden they put your site on penalty box and gets deranked.

If you’re not careful yourself, you might do the same to your site and start creating crazy links yourself then you will be in Google jail and it will take lots of work to get your site bailed out from.


Step 1: What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

search engine optimization tutorial

Make sure that you take notes from this first step, you wouldn’t want to miss out on key points that can make or break the optimization of your posts.

Watch this SEO overview to get a general idea of what you need to do

Step 2: How Does Google Rank?

search engine optimization tutorial

I hope that you were taking notes and now you should have a pretty good idea how this whole SEO thing works.  It’s a good time to find out now how and what google does to rank your site.

Go ahead and watch the video below



Step 3: Doing The Hard Work! On Page And Off Page Optimization

search engine optimization tutorial

You now understand how Google ranks your content.  It’s your site that get’s ranked but it’s every individual page you have within your website.  By the end of the day, when  you have all of your pages ranking, it will then boost you site Page Rank.

Here comes the actual fun part!  You must learn how to optimize your posts or pages the proper way in order to compete for the keyword you want to be on top for.

Continue taking notes as you watch this next SEO tutorial


Step 4: Without On Page Optimization, Don’t Go On Next Step

search engine optimization tutorial

What is more important than On Page?  None!  Without this you will be wasting your time and effort once again.

You have to structure your On Page to complement your Off Page.  On page is the assist from leBron James and pass to Dwayne Wade for the alley-oop dunk!

Let’s keep the knowledge flowin’ and watch this next vid!


If you want to get ahead of the On Page game getting SEOPRESSOR from above link is essential to your successful SEO campaign.


Step 5: Setting Up Your Blog Properly First


search engine optimization tutorial

Watch this next video to get your blog setup right before making any other moves!


Step 6: What Is A Bounce Rate And How To Avoid Them

no bounce rate

A simple explanation of a bounce rate is a visitor going to your site and clicking the back button and bouncing away from your site.

From Google’s eyes these are a red flag in which will only get your site de-ranked.

Let’s continue learning and have fun at the same time.


Step 7: Keyword Research That Ranks!

search engine optimization tutorial

You know what will be a complete waste of time?  Writing a blog daily and trying to rank it on Google with keywords that you don’t have the marketing know how or funding to compete against the big corporations that ranks on top of that keyword.  It’s like David versus Goliath and you are David but without a slingshot.

You are doomed to start if your don’t know which keywords to compete in.  Watch this!



Step 8: The Secret Sauce Of Keyword Research – Long Tail Pro

I use this tool give me an edge against my competition.  I use this tool to also keep me away from keywords that I shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Researching my keyword using Long Tail Pro helps me find the long tail keywords that I won’t find on Google keyword tool.

This is how you use Long Tail Pro



Step 9: Backlinks Central With Off Page Optimization

search engine optimization tutorial

Now that we got all the necessary evil out of the way, let’s start building links to our site and go CRAZY!

Just kidding :)

This is where most people make mistakes and with this search engine optimization tutorial, you will see that following my steps will make you into an SEO expert overnight!

You might not become a millionaire overnight but if you follow these steps you will be right on track to your first milli ;).

This video below will teach you that not all backlinks are created equal and that you should have a proper strategy which types of backlinks you should be focusing on more and which ones you should be spreading out.

I use my favourite tool called Link Emperor which gives me the advantage over competition.

But before we use these advanced tools let’s discuss first the basics of an Off Page


Step 10: Tools Of The Trade

search engine optimization tutorial

Still having fun?  With these Off Page tools you can use, backlinking is always fun!

You have two choices you can use when creating backlinks.  You can use the All in One tool Link Emperor or do it manually with Social ADR with Article builder and Spin Rewriter.

Let me explain.

Link Emperor has diverse types of links that I have mentioned from the videos above.  And you want all of those kinds of links but properly and timely dispensed.

It should create a pyramid to not all only boost your site but protect it from Panda and Peguine google.

If you have Link Emperor set up then you don’t have to do social bookmarking or manually create your web 2.0 backlinks and any other types of links to go back to your site.

You have control of your article if you do choose manually which is a plus if you go this route but it might take you away from your making your contents and giving service to your leads.

The choice is yours but as promised, the videos are here just in case you need help on which route is best for you.











Step 11: Join My Video Bootcamp

Now that you are an SEO expert, there are still much to learn such as Video Marketing and Email Marketing.  This SEO Tutorial is an excerpt from my bootcamp and if you enjoyed this tutorial then you will love the rest of my videos!

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