what is stress GOOGLE defines stress as follows:

noun: stress

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

“he’s obviously under a lot of stress

What is the purpose of life if our life has no purpose?  The first thought that come to my head when I think about what stress is, is how I feel when I have been drained by the mundane activities of my daily routine.

Just imagine what it would be like to be awaken by the sound of crashing waves and cool gentle breeze as you lay tucked in your hammock sippin’ on your favourite beverage waiting for the sun to set yet again.

Instead, we go through our days thinking what could’ve been while you wait to punch the clock just to get into the few hours of driving home in rush hour traffic.

You’re beat, hungry and don’t even have the time to rest because you may have to get up again and work another shift just to make ends meet at your home.

You gotta do what you gotta do right. Being stuck in an employee mindset is one of the biggest factors of stress.

If you are already stressed reading this article you can watch my video below.


Unfortunately stress is hereditary.  It’s almost like a curse that has plagued our forefathers and no one can seem to break this curse and turn it into a blessing. what is stress Now I’m not about to bash our parents or their parents or their parents how we are raised, (specially in old school type of homes, no matter what your racial background is) our parents have told us the importance of education.

Now I believe in education so much so that I invest on valuable knowledge whenever I can into a niche that I am passionate about.  Education to a certain extent is only a tool similar to money.

Our parents told us that we must do good in school, go to university, find a career and you will find happiness. I am a firm believer that happiness is a state of mind.

One thing I teach my son is that education and scholarships may come and make you successful in life and may lead to greater opportunities, but happiness can never be bought. I don’t know about you but who the heck really knows what they want to be when they grow up?

Why would I invest money that I don’t even have (unless your parents are helping you), on a university or college major where there isn’t even a guarantee that I will land the job that I dream of.

This also means that I have to get $30K or $50K just to pay my tuition fees.  Unless I was gifted in some sort of sport or intellect where I can get scholarship. root cause of stress.

But the truth of the matter is, and this goes to the majority of the population, is that most of us won’t get help from our parents nor get that scholarship.

Fortunately, life always unfolds the way it should and it always works out to those who believes in themselves.


what is stressWe are who we choose, but the past can never imprison us.

A lot of us are in bondage of our past mistakes and poor choices.

Name me one human who has never made a mistake because I will personally take them to heaven myself.

The main problem of stress is also self condemnation.  The only cure is to truely love yourself for who you are and the way you are created.  root cause of stress.

Like the marbling of a tasty steak, it gives each human their own flavour. You must first start to think it and believe in yourself. After thinking it, you must proclaim and speak it.

Finally, we must not only say it but act on it. Acting on what you love is the strongest force in the world.  Once you harness this power, the universe itself mysteriously accepts your faith and connects you with the proper tests for your growth. what is stress

Tests? That’s not part of the deal?  Well, how else are you going to get a Testimony without being Tested first?  Now this type of stress is a good one.

The big difference from the stress of the mundane zombie life is that this time you have found your purpose.

When you accept genuinely this challenge, you will not only reap the rewards, but most of all the blessings will trickle to your children and your children’s children.


what is stressOne of my passion is bodybuilding and strength training.

There is no greater analogy to use better than bodybuilding with any type of goals in life.


I grew up in Las Pinas, a suburbian town of Manila, Philippines and I lived in poverty most of my life. Thank God for my mother who went abroad, sacrificed her time away from me, and lived in Hong Kong then to Canada to give myself and my family a better life.

I remembered the health council coming to our school when I was in elemetary and they would measure our height and weight.   Afterwards, I would look on the health chart to see if im normal, overweight or underweight.

Of course if you were fed dried fish or rice with powdered milk and sugar only for your meals you will be malnourished. And I was in love with WWF wrestlers like the ultimare warrior and hulk hogan.

I admired their physique and always set my goal on achieving that strength and size when I grow up. When I got sponsored and came to Toronto, Canada I immediately started my work.

Ate like a champ, trained like a beast, and slept like a baby. Before long I was a strapping young athlete and became captain of football team in high school.  Today I am a certified fitness professional, bodybuilding competitor and marathon athlete.

I studied the right books and modeled from the right coaches and implemented it to my routine. It was definately hard work to start, with lots of frustation,  and injuries but my passion in looking like the ultimate warrior never died in my heart.

No matter what stress came along with my goals in life, there was an equal or even greater reward at the end of the test. WHAT IS STRESS ENTREPRENEUR MENTALITY VS EMPLOYEE MENTALITY WHAT IS STRESS One thing I know about being an entrepreneur is your mindset.  Employee beliefs goes hand in hand with the genetic predisposition from our ancestors with the belief of living comfortably.

Let me give you a scenario of a woman giving birth. As a grown man and watching my first born son’s birth was definitely an awesome sight but very painful at the same time.

My fingers where practically broken off by my son’s mother as she screams in pain.  At least I was surrounded by medical personnel in case I needed my fingers reattached.

How about a baby who is so stressed to the point that they are getting sick from crying because their tooth is coming out. Remember when your baby tooth needed to come out?  what is stress It had a purpose nonetheless.  Making way for the new and out with the old.   Evolution.

That is the difference between employees and entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs evolve while employees wither like grass.

Entrepreneur believes in their ideas so much that nothing will ever hold them back! We eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

While an employee walks aimlessly in life like a zombie searching for brains to eat because it has none. what is stress

Entrepreneurs are like Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon against the zombie employee virus out to get them!



Entrepreneurs are too busy livin’ while employees are too busy dyin’.


My wife Sarah and I a few years back embarked upon a mystical journey to explore the beauty of the Maritimes.what is stress It was definitely one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives.  We got tired of living our day to day jobs and decided to just drive! We saw the highest and lowest tides in the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. what is stress Surfed the Atlantic in Lawrencetown, Halifax, Nova Scotia in icy cold Atlantic. what is stress what is stress Be on the edge of Canada on the Cabot Trail.   And speak like a Francophone in Quebec City.   Every chance I get my wife and I travel and live the life our way.  We choose to invest on our lives because we only have one.   Being an entrepreneur has its perks as I can make my own schedule in order to experience what the world has to offer.

Doing things you are passionate about is an investment on yourself and in the long run you will benefit from a life free from stress.


One of my good friend and client, Sandy, a 72 year old jewish lady shared to me wisdom “Give a man a deadline and he will complete many work.” Now that’s how an entrepreneur’s mindset really is! WHAT IS STRESSHe strategically places stress in his life in order not to procrastinate.  It’s like a car where if you run it more in the highway at fast speeds will have a longer life than that of a car that is driven in city traffic everyday.

Cortisol also plays a part in what is stress is all about. A person who takes stress for opportunistic gains were also more likely to show “optimal” levels of cortisol activity.

And with this strategy, it turns out that having too little cortisol from lack of stress and having lots of cortisol during stress of employee mindset is bad! While self induced opportunistic stress gives an apparent balance in the body.

It’s like the Yin balancing the Yang, dude! Isn’t it a very clear picture: stress is only killing your soul because you believe that it is.

You have to learn to balance your projects, manage your time and live in harmony and order with yourselves. what is stress

Realizing the difficulties and challenges you are dealt with as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than as your “zombie grind”, and rise up and dream then you really can be happier, healthier, and be more effective.

Maybe you don’t need less stress you just need to think about your stress a little differently.


One thing I admire about the great men and women of our times is no matter how badly their cards were dealt in their life, they played the game by the rules and even when they lost their lives, they are still considered heroes.

Most of their legacy is celebrated annually and their principles are taught or even added to their country’s constitution.

Sometimes even international laws. One example was Martin Luther King who had a dream that all men are created equal.

He lost his life but his legacy lives on forever and will continue to echo in our times. Dr. King accepted his stresses that was dealt to him by the universe because there is a purpose.

He fought a good fight of faith and to the many that opposed him, right down to perpetrators who staged his demise hated his beliefs and principles.

One thing can learn from this is that most people want to be great.  We admire the actors and actresses who plays the heroes in their movies.

We always wished to be just like the heroes we are crazy about. The problem is nobody ever sees what takes place behind the scene of someone’s success.

We weren’t there at their lowest of lows.  The outpour of their lonely cries at night.

Nelson mandela once said that courage doesn’t mean you are not fearful, courage only means that you chose to go through your fear and finish the task at hand.

Sometimes the world bluff you that its card is better than what you are dealt with.

I challenge you to play your cards right and call the world’s bluff for what it really is. A bluff.

The whole world will be happy to see you idle and just waste your days away not ever taking that game winning shot like Michael Jordan did. Even if you fail the first try you get back up and fight again.

Nobody said it was going to be easy but I sure am willing to go all in with my chips  and call the world’s bluff.

Rather than thinking the rest of my life shoulda woulda coulda. What is stress? Stress is only stress itself.  Play the cards you are dealt with and win the poker game!

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