Pure Leverage Review – Benefits Of This Autoresponder And Tool Suite

There are plenty of good things that I can mention about Pure Leverage and a few thing to reconsider when you have purchased the product.  I will also go over how I utilize this system personally to my business.

Please watch my Pure Leverage Review video below to get started.  I will let you know right now that I am an affiliate of this system and I won’t be selling you hype but an honest review why you do need this system for you internet marketing business or any business online if you want to scale bigger.

Pure Leverage Review – What Is This System All About?

It’s not only a marketing tools suite, it can also be a primary business opportunity and the main attraction as your autoresponder.  It also has video conference comparable to google hangout and video email marketing system that you can utilize to engage your leads.

Joel Therien, the founder of this system from GVO planned it so that it can be the next Empower Network or next My Lead System Pro.

I will tell you straight up for what it is.  It is not worth to make it as a primary business but it is definitely worth the value as an autoresponder.  It is a lot cheaper than most systems out there like Mailchimp, Aweber or Firstresponse as well.

One of the problems with Aweber as well is that sometimes they delete your email list which is really bad business.  This does not happen with Pure Leverage.

I really do advise to stay on level one marketing suite and keep it for what it’s worth.  If you do decide to market it as your main primary business opportunity then you will need to pay $97 for the level 2.

I can even help you get setup with what you need in order to make it a success but expect for your business to grow at a very slow pace and lot’s of work.

Your commission will only be $15 per sale of the system.  You would need 100 sales to make $1500 a month.  Now in my own experience, I can sell the product more efficiently and keep it that way with my customers not cancelling when I promote it as a tool for my business.

Everyone needs an autoresponder so my customers will need one regardless so I will still make my recurring income and not have to focus at promoting the system solely while I can promote my main business where I can make $150 per month or $1000-$5000 at one time sales.

I recommend MTTB as a primary back end and MLSP as funded proposal that complements at the front end.  This is how I have my business setup.

Pure Leverage Bonuses

pure leverage review

  • It has a blog (But I recommend creating your own)
  • Autoresponder
  • Webinar (google hangout style)
  • Done for you Squeeze or landing pages
  • Video Email

Compare to other Autoresponders that charges you $50 or more without those bonuses, Pure Leverage is only $24.95.  You also get more subscriber spots with Pure Leverage.  So you see what the value of this system really is.

Before the launch of Pure Leverage a few years ago here is my bill for my business:

  1. $30/mts – Aweber
  2. $20/mts – Hosting
  3. $800 – blog design
  4. GoToWebinar – $97/month

As you can see it’s a pretty expensive bill so when I heard about Pure Leverage I was interested right away so that I can cut down those bills and pay only $25 a month.


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Autoresponder – 

Any online business checklist has an autoresponder in it.  Without one you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.  If you have even a HVAC service and you run it yourself, if you are out and can’t answer calls then you probably will lose the customer because they will try a different competitor.  Here is an explanation on what First response, Mailchimp, Aweber and Pure Leverage autoresponders are.

So you create an online site in order to respond to your customer more efficiently.  Only problem is that you are on a service again and you can’t reply to those messages and inquiries.  How do you solve this problem?

Autoresponder to the rescue!  With this autopilot system even if there is an inquiry when you are sleeping or working your responder  can send an email that can be tweaked so that your customers information are already in the system.

You will know for example how big the house is, what the problem may be, how old is the house, where they live, is there pets etc.  The inquiries that you can ask are endless.  It saves you time on asking initial assessments of the inquiry and you are already halfway to solving it.

Now for our network marketing business we use autoresponder to gather emails to build our list of prospects that may join out main business opportunity.  It can send out pre done emails for the whole week or month on autopilot.  You can use the emails that are proven to convert and email that are proven to inspire to your leads.

You can also manually broadcast in an instant an email to promote a product or just to say hi.

You can also go with other system like Aweber . I personally know that Aweber is  known for deleting peoples accounts without any notice.

I’ve witnessed plent of marketers that I know personally and other marketers complaining that their list with 20,000 +  were deleted for no reason.

This is a huge red flag for me.  I spent sleepless night building my list.  That is my bread and butter.  If that get’s lost I will lose my head also.

You get 10,000 spots as I mentioned earlier as well compared to others that you need to pay $50 or more for that same amount.

You will get value for the  price.

Video Email – 

I believe in video marketing and having that power right inside your emails makes an impact and you get that bonus with Pure Leverage

Webinar – 

Compare to other webinar meetings platform they can be pricey.  Pure Leverage has this option available and it’s comparable with google hangout or youtube webinars.

Blog – 

With this system, you can use it as an authority blog like blogger.  It is good for people who are just starting out.  I do recommend creating your own and investing the hosting and domain name but if you really can’t afford it this can be an option so you can start creating content for your business and drive the traffic.

Paid Traffics and Co-ops – 

Joel Therien created a paid traffic system and co-op to promote your business.  As a beginner, you won’t know where to get traffic from and Pure Leverage does it for you.

This is great since every month they have  this program running and you can leverage that opportunity to start getting traffic to your blog, get subscribers and convert to sales.

How Do We Get Paid?

pure leverage review

Pure Leverage has a pretty good compensation plan for affiliates. You need to be a reseller at $19.97 and get 100% commissions for the first month and 50% the next months

And if you have downline that are actively selling you will get bonus paycheck for it as well.

If you decide to join I highly recommend becoming an affiliate since selling this product would be easy for you to sell if you are already an internet marketer or in mlm effortlessly.

Promoting it as a tool that people need, and they certainly do, you will create a very good passive income for doing nothing.

Won’t This System Replace Empower Network or My Lead System Pro?

I personally don’t see that happening.  It’s a great tool but not a great primary business.  You will spend lot’s of man hours just to sell so much of this tool and get practically nothing in return and you could have focused much higher ticket offer where you can make thousands of dollars per sale.

All of the three may look the same but Pure Leverage is a tool suite to help you run your online business.

Empower Network is a viral blogging platform, with internet marketing that has good compensation plan.

MLSP is a great attraction marketing platform in which has a lot of value for your leads and for yourself to scale your business.

Pure Leverage Review – It’s Not Good For These People

If you don’t like saving money and don’t need any of the tools I mentioned above then this system is not for you.  I am not hyping the product because I am an affiliate, I always give my audience and leads what can make you the most return for your investment.

If you don’t practice this type of mentality then your business will eat itself and vanish.  You must have this system if you don’t have any autoresponder yet.  It is essential to run your network marketing business or any online business for that matter.

Make sure to have a primary business setup like My Top Tier Business to complement your Pure Leverage.  My Lead System Pro is another primary business or front end business you can complement with Pure Leverage.

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