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Welcome back!  Today I will be writing an article called My Top Tier Business Review.  Watch the video below to get a better understanding the benefits of My Top Tier Business aka My Online Business Empire.

I figure you want to know a little bit more about My Top Tier Business before you get a little deeper in the game.  Well here you will get an honest review of why you should or shouldn’t join MTTB.  I never recommend any product for hype or flashy shiny pages and animation.

I will give it to you straight up real and no sugar coat.  So I will be honest with you right now that I am an affiliate.  A very happy one at that.  Now that we got that out of the bag, let us discuss about how it would benefit or damage you before you get any further.

My Top Tier Business or MOBE is definitely for the serious and committed entrepreneurs and internet marketers who would like to optimize their earnings.

This goes for people just starting out and a complete newbie who wants to get ahead of the game or a frustrated network marketer who has been trying hard for years to even make a single profit since the dot com crash when Google cracked down on micro niche sites.

I will share to you the quality of their MOBE’s products with all honesty and once you realize the value after you read the article and watch the review video then I will show you how I can be at your personal assistance into producing your returns from your investments.


This high ticket affiliate system is the brain child of Matt Lloyd that provides high quality training for internet network marketing.

As I’ve said earlier in the video, a lot of beginners and frustrated network marketers get intimidated with selling high priced ticket products.  Let me debunk this right now.  Have ever been on any fast food restaurant?  How much is a burger?  Maybe $5-8 bucks.

Now have you ever been on a fine dining restaurant?  Let’s say you order a burger as well.  How much is the burger this time.  $30- 50 dollars right?

What is the point with this analogy.  There is a time and place for everything under heaven my friend.  There will always be a time to buy low ticket like a fast food joint and there is time for fine dining as well.

There are different levels of faith of people. Some people chooses to get ahead of the game once they see the value of a product and they don’t look at the price tag.  They only look at the return of the investment.

You have to start thinking like an entrepreneur.  Besides how much $5 burgers do you need to sell in order to beat the profit of selling 5-6 fine dining burgers?

When you start building your leads in your email list, you will always have a some that are willing to purchase even up to $20,000 for a higher ticket product knowing they are getting a much higher return on investment (ROI).

The beauty of this system is that it is practically self sufficient.  All you need is to drive the traffic.  You won’t fail because you don’t have to leverage your own authority(which is non-existent for now) and you marketing(which is also at the baby stages) which the system has set up for you already.

Matt is so confident that he will give you $500 from his own pocket if you don’t make $1000 after following the 21 steps of the MOBE program if you fail to make any income stream.

Tell me any affiliate program that guarantees that!my top tier business review


What’s Really Good With My Top Tier Business?

  1. You will get personal coaching one on one towards your first $1000 dollars and beyond
  2. You will get dedicated pro sales phone team
  3. The education within the system itself to learn step by step for results
  4. You will get any model Mercedez Benz if you can sell 5 MOBE license per month

Pretty cool perks right?  Now you can choose starting your own products and services with your non-existent authority or you can leverage the power of this system and start making good commission which will give you credibility towards building your own company brand.

Don’t suffer from information overload.  Trust me I have experience it and it’s not pleasant.

I’ve tried creating my own products and even tried to coach when I got started with network marketing and it was a horrible mess.  I thought that my coach was just misleading me and I wanted to do my own thing.

Doing my own thing I did and quitting the project soon followed.  I tried to create a system that I had no previous experience with. In return there was no return on investment.

Never mind the money because I can make money, but it’s the time that is lost that I can never get back doing my own sales funnel, landing pages and mediocre products.

When I invested my time learning from this system it opened up my eyes and opened up a whole new world.  I still create my own product and invest on coaching my students into reaching their goals but one keyword trumps all of that.

Leverage!  My own products, coaching and contents plus leveraging MTTB’a was like the perfect storm.

Now making money online for me was easier and much more profitable.

I don’t have to setup merchant accounts, create endless products than what I only know and believe, waiting on ranking my credibility and backend work.

MOBE has this setup already.  Where I can focus more on what I do best.  Driving Traffic!

If you position your self this way, you will get much better ROI in less time than doing the work yourself.

With the 21 steps of MTTB in place you can scale your business bigger by reinvesting what you make initially from your commission which I highly recommend.  You gotta spend money to make money.

With other affiliate programs you would need to write a blog, create your sales funnel, learn copywriting, etc.

After doing the 21 steps you would learn how to generate traffic and they will do the rest for you.  You set them up and they sweat it up!

Sounds Too Good Joe, Is MTTB A Scam?

my top tier business review

You know what is the first question of young Joseph was with all internet network marketing or even just old school mlm networking?  It must be a scam or pyramid scheme!

I tried them and almost always failed.  I later realized that it was never the product, it was me!  If they are successful, then so can I.  But my doubt and wrong mentality of getting taken advantage of got in the way of my own success.

I finally decided to actually finish the program no matter before I quit halfway because of my wrong mentality.

Best decision I ever made!  It took a lot of learning and applying on my part with those 21 steps (really wished it was only 5 steps lol)  but now I have to pinch myself every morning thinking if this is really my life because of the change it did for my me and my family just by following the rules and playing the game.

I always thought about getting reach overnight and it wasn’t believe me.  It was a lot of 4 hours sleep nights and waking up to go to my full time job at the early stages.

It was all worth it at the end of the struggle.

If you are NOT serious and NEVER committed into finishing anything you start, then I highly recommend NOT getting this product.  This product will kick you in the butt but if you kick back and do your work you will achieve your dream lifestyle faster than you can at your full time job twenty times over.

Now I can live the life of my dreams and give the life my family deserves!

my top tier business review


What Is Mighty Joe’s Position When You Join?

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my top tier business

If there is one thing I can brag about myself on this industry is that I am a champion SEO and traffic generator.

I then focus my full attention with one lead at a time like a laser to ensure that they will get the help they deserve when they trusted me to coach them.  I don’t really care for quantity or having a massive list of 100,000 leads that are dead and cold.

I would trade 1 good lead who is committed and a superstar in the making than  100,000 tire kickers any day.  Once I build them up and our relationship strengthens, they always convert into my customers by their own choosing without any sales pitch period.

The truth is 95% of people who struggle in this business is that they don’t know how to drive traffic.  Even after the 21 steps implemented.

I will only teach you what works and what I practice myself.  If you have found this blog through search engine of some sort, then I need no further explanation since it proves my ability to generate you as an audience.

Once you’ve signed up with MTTB:

  1. You will get my personal coaching 24/7 through facebook personally
  2. You will need to complete the 21 steps
  3. You will need to sign up for a My Online Business Empire (MOBE) License and you will receive a 1 hour facetime skype phone call with me ($300 value) to get you setup and answer any initial questions you may have

My Top Tier Business Review Summary

You’ve seen the honest benefits it did for my life and what it can do for your business.  If you are seriously committed into leaving your full time job or just want to get out of the rut you’ve been on and want to be on a proven winning system then My Top Tier Business is definitely for you to take advantage of along with the bonus I will give you from my team.  When you are ready to produce results and start making another income stream or your first let me know and I will keep in touch with you asap.

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