Is Making Money Online A Scam? – Benefits of starting a network marketing business

is making money online a scam

I believe that everyone at least one time in their life has crossed path of an opportunity with  networking or a network marketing business.

Do you remember that friend or relative of yours that is so persistent in trying to get you to book coffee meeting in order to sell you a product you are not even interested in.

Then they go on and show you their leaders and sell you hype of how you can just be like them the who are earning 6 figure up to 7 figure income.

Of course the first thing you think about is this is too good to be true.  It’s definitely a scam!

I used to think that way too.  In fact, I feel jealous and ask myself how that person can make all of that money.

They must be special!

Watch the video below to see what my answer is to this golden question.

Ok, so I was always a firm believer on myself that if you can do it, I can do it too.  Maybe even better.

Not all of you may have the same mindset like me and don’t feel bad.  It’s just a way for me to actually motivate myself and it surely works!

The only problem with me is that I do have a great mindset but like most people procrastination sets in.

This is even truer once I get knee deep in the game and realize that to earn 6 -7 figure income in any business model is that it takes hard work and patience.

So I go back with my tail tuck between my legs and say never mind.

This goes back to our question that “is making money online a scam?”.  Well I think I just answered my own question.

Even though I initiated and was very enthused in the initial steps of getting my networking business up and running, realizing the hardwork and frustration finally giving myself the inevitable excuse of “Yes, this is a Scam! And so as the other networking business I tried!”.

Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I come to realize that the only thing that made those 6-7 figure entrepreneurs special was they were very coachable and very consistent.

They followed instructions to the tea, documented their knowledge, applied it to their own business and then repeat.

Once they got the hang of it, they teach that skill to someone else that is keen on learning as well and want to be an entrepreneur.



is making money online a scam

I know you are still thinking that either way making money online or any network marketing is still a scam.

Well, let me show you an example and listen up because this will blow your mind.

Our whole life is a SCAM then!

Wait Joe did you just say that?!!!

Yes I did, and to prove it just look back in your younger years when you had no worries and carefree.  Just running around the playground with your friends and then RINGGGG!

There goes the school bell.  Gotta go back to school.  Many years later gotta go pay for that school right.  Gotta get a loan now right?  Have to work then part time.

Now you got a job and you finished your school some 2-4 years plus later.  Huge student government loan you gotta pay so you switched full time.

Now if you haven’t fallen in love yet then you are either single and broke or have a wife and family along the way and broker.

This is where depression starts and is a major cause of stress in our lives.  I wrote a great article about Root Cause of Stress  that explains how to prevent this from happening by starting to make money online.

Now I’m not saying education is not good, in fact that is what networking marketing biz is all about.  Educating the people and freeing them from their work zombie bondage.

If you are gifted and blessed or one of the lucky ones in the gene pool who has the physical advantage to become a healthy athlete, then you will get your scholarship.

But not everyone does.  How many basketball players from college actually make it to the NBA.  Football players? NHLers? Olympians?

No one trains harder than an athlete and they can spend all their waking lives practicing to get their skill set better in their game, but most of them will never make it.

Does this sound familiar?  Does education, sports and life itself one big scam then?

It sounds like it to me doesn’t it?



is making money online a scam

Now that we understand that life is just one big pile of mess I guess we should just find a cave and be a hermit.

Since we are doomed if we try and doomed if we don’t, the lesson is don’t try at all right?

Let’s ask arguably the greatest NBA player that ever lived Michael Jordan.  He said that he failed a thousand times which is why he succeed.

One thing that I realize from that quote was that Jordan understood that failure was part of the equation of being great.

He understood that the greatest failures at times is what catapults us to our destined greatness.

Just like an arrow needs to be pulled back before its launched.

You have to understand that anything in life you will fail.  The only difference is your mindset.

If you think about all the fine tuned athletes who didn’t make the big leagues and those highly intelligent scholars that didn’t get that job promotion that they have been duped and scammed.

This is the wrong mindset my friend and the greatest scam you accepted is believing exactly just that.



is making money online a scam

Now that we got the drama out of the way, let me explain to you how to stop your question of “is making money online a scam?”.

Owning your own online networking business is a much lesser “scam” compared to the other “scams” of life.

First of you don’t need to be genetically gifted in order to start your online business.  You do not need to be handsome or smart.

You need not to be tall or short.  Bulky or thin.  Your background or country you are from.

You get the picture?

All you really need is to believe in yourself, have common sense and know how to follow steps you are taught.

Here is the proven system I make money online:

–  Product – I choose a good proven primary business where I can leverage from and make high residual income commissions.

–  Research – I make sure the keyword I use is well analyzed that I can compete in to rank and profit from on search engines.

–  Produce – Produce a content that gives people value and helps them in relation to your business niche

–  Publish – Publish your content whether video, blog, forum posts through

–  Promote – This is the secret sauce where you use SEO (search engine optimization) on and off page with proper practice and tools

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money scam

Once you get this right in your heart, mind and soul then you have an even greater chance to succeed compared to being promoted in your dream job or being the 1st round draft pick.

And trust me not everyone will be Lebron James!

You have way better probability in earning  a million bucks making money online in one year than being a pro athlete.

There are also way more millionaire marketers than executives as well.

Here is a great article from about starting a business where you are making money online.

So is network marketing business or making money online worth it?

Without a doubt!

Yes I know that you are a hardworker and hardwork beats talent any time of the day.

With that being said if you are going to put in genuine real honest hardwork anyway, you might as well invest your time and effort on a business that has a massive chance for you to be successful in.

Remember that as long as you can provide  a service from your skill  for exchange of money or a product you can teach or sell then its legit!  It’s not a scam.


Would it be better to just sell something I can see or touch?  Yes you are not selling tv or women’s shoes like Al Bundy but you will definitely be making more money than them.

The best part of it is that the internet is the wave of the future period.  The whole world is at the  palm of your hands my friend and it’s here to stay and get even bigger!

People who have failed and chooses to keep pushing on with their networking, network marketing or making money online will be successful compared to those who spreads the word to other people that it is a scam when they haven’t even tried it for themselves.

They are only scamming themselves.

One more tip from a network marketer’s stand point is that networking systems creates residual income.

It’s the money tree.  No hype but of course you have to pay your dues first and work your butt off.

But once you get your snow ball rolling you will have to pinch yourself every morning  thinking that you are still dreaming.

Because your life is not a big “scam” anymore but by making money online you have achieved the lifestyle of your dreams.


Inspiring and Empowering you,

Joseph “Mighty Joe” Villanueva

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