How To Increase Visitors On My Blog – Beginner’s Guide To Traffic Generation

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

In any business, traffic is perhaps the link that is the most crucial aspect that can make or break your business venture.  Whether it’s a brick or mortar business where you need a great location where there is plenty of traffic that will see the showcase products you are offering.  Our question remain: How to increase visitors on my blog efficiently and productively?

In our online marketing niche, traffic generation is the bread and butter that will keep your business alive.

Watch the video below as I discuss the best strategies you can use on how to increase visitors on your blog SEO free.

Tip Number One: Create An Epic Content People Love

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog


My motto in content writing is not to please Google.  Instead please my readers first and foremost before any robot or tool that may generate me traffic.  Even if I outrank a hundred sites because my content was optimized and was dressed up pretty for the eyes of Google but it doesn’t make sense to my readers, then it’s pointless.

Do you want to know how to increase visitors on my blog you ask?  You have to create content or videos that people can relate to, inspire and motivate or learn a solution to their problems.  It will not only build your audience, but it will build trust and in turn will ask for your advice and recommendations which could be profitable for you by the end of the day.

Not that we are chasing dollars but your career as a blogger is to provide blogs that help people.  Your audience will understand that in order for you to create more valuable contents that you would need their support.

Either they use your affiliate links or perhaps they believe your vision and join your business opportunity venture partnerships.

Bounce rate is another reason why you need to spend time on creating good content.  You visitors will click back from your page(bounce rate) which Google will take notice and say that your site sucks.  We want people to be inside our page, engaged, reading and watching for as long as we can.

Make them believe your vision and lead them to the lifestyle of their dream.  This is great way to increase visitors.


Leveraging Authority Sites By Guest Posting

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

Not every sites are created equal.  Being a newbie in the game you will have no ranking at all and google will ignore you like a desperate spamming marketer.  Not all blogs out there are also going to be seeking out leads like we do but instead they seek out quality contents to put in their blog cycle.

This is where you can offer your services of providing the higher authority blog to post your quality content in exchange of your linking back to your blog site.  You might even be offered to be a contributor for the site if you do a good job and readers are engaged with your contents.

This is exactly where you get to earn your respect in networking and really brand your name.  How do we a spot on these blogs sites?

You have to do your dirty little homework on the company you are trying to guest post.  Start researching what their audience love to read by sifting through their archives.

Make sure that your content is high caliber since your article you submit will represent the blog owner in which they will have exclusive rights to.

These are very busy business owners so don’t bug them if they don’t reply.  Make sure your initial email letter is precise and friendly to let them know that you wrote an article for their blog site.  Check the guidelines as well of the blog owner and respect it.


Increase Your Stardom With Social Media

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

Growing up as a kid in Philippines, I used to admire the child actors and I always wished to be one of them.  I believe that most people would like to have a career in showbiz and the benefit of it, wouldn’t you?

Well now thanks to our Youtube generation and Facebook you can be an instant celebrity if you really wanted to.  Now that I am all grown up, popularity seeking seemed to have died down quite a bit and I just focus on the value of what these social platforms can do for my business.

Not only it is easy to create a channel, fan pages and accounts, it is also Free!  I normally syndicate my blog posts and share it to all my social media outlets and feed my audience from there.  It is so powerful because one great content or video that you create can turn viral overnight and you will become an instant celebrity.

It’s not our main goal but it is a great way to make our brand to be well known and gain authority in our niche.

You can also use these platforms to network with other successful and aspiring entrepreneurs to give pointers to and receive pointer from.  That is the beauty of these communities.

Once you have created enough videos in Youtube or even just a few, people’s psyche always naturally tells them that you are an authority because you are on the screen.  They can see your convictions and sincerity.

If you are a beginner and still kind of camera shy, I recommend creating a video for yourself every day just to get use to talking to the camera.  The more you practice this the faster you will be comfortable in speaking to your audience.


How To Increase Visitors On My Blog?  Try Old School Forum Fishing!

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

One of my favourite and effective way of driving traffic to your site.  I call it Forum fishing.  It may be an old school way of generating traffic but the audience you can target is better than any paid ads or free traffics you can get.

Why?  Let’s say you are in a fitness niche.  If you go to and start looking for people in the forum who has questions that you have got answer to, then you ended helping them and built trust with them, where do you think they’re going to ask for help regarding products?  You can milk the targeted audience and build a foundation that can lead into sales and more business in the future.

I usually go to  In there are always about 30,000 people and network marketers at any given time.  I always target a thread with a question that I am pretty familiar with.

I would answer the query of this member(most of the time I search for beginners or interested marketers) and build relationship with  them.  I would ask them if they would like to be privately messaged if they need anymore tips which I can then lead them to my site or Youtube channel that can help them get the answer they were looking for.

It is so laser targeted that it’s almost shooting fishes in the barrel.  Once I get the member going to my site then I let my sales funnel do it’s work and I stay in contact with them for any further questions.

Even if it’s only one member at a time that you are helping, it could be the only lead you would need to bring you in many sales in the future.  Your superstar or diamond in the rough.


Paid Traffic: Solo Ads


How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

It’s like forum marketing on steroids and without doing the work.  If you hire a company or someone that offers these solo ad services, who has already a massive list of leads that are in your niche in which the provider can send your link to your squeeze page.

It maybe expensive but it’s a good boost of traffic especially at the early stages of your blog where you are not getting any traffic yet from your free sources like your blog or Youtube.

If you had made a squeeze page that fully functions you can have a sales page of OTO (One Time Offers) to get back some of the money that you had invested in traffic.

Investing on traffic this way can be about $30 for 100 clicks and start from there.  Like I said earlier, these are leads that you are paying for to click on your site knowing the fact that they are interested already with what you are about to offer before you even give it to them.


Build Your Product Affiliates

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

When you have enough knowledge and experience that you can create your own products, it is a natural progression to have an army of affiliates to promote your products.  It’s a simple proposition to your affiliates that you will give the product to them to promote and if they sell it, then they will get the commission 100%.

I know that why should we give all the money to them.  Remember our main goal to drive traffic to our site and build our list.

You want people opting in your site and sell your product.  You can sell your product by yourself regardless and with the help of your affiliates, even if  they keep the profit, you will still get the email list and your popularity is still going up because your product is being promoted anyways.

It’s still a win win situation.  It’s not always about the money but the long-term investment that it can provide you when those affiliates had delivered you tons of traffic and leads in exchange for the price of the product that you can easily create anytime.

Giving 100% incentives to your affiliates will not only keep them loyal to you and not look or other products from developers to promote, it will also drive them to sell.

You can even promote OTO (One time offers) for your affiliates at a discounted price to really drive the product and more traffic to your site.


Joint Ventures As Mega Powers!

How To Increase Visitors On My Blog


Here is a sneaky little advance technique I use that not a lot of people and marketers have done or scared to do.  Remember the keyword networking?  Well most people think networking is just to keep building your down line.

In this case it’s about networking with the top players and successful leaders in the game. Even your competitor can be a blessing if you know how to keep your friends close and enemies closer.

The technique is finding another marketer with lots of traffic, especially the ones who are already doing swap ads and Pay Per Click.  You will work with each other to build your lists.

You purchase a spot on their thank you, bonus, or special offer page.  Every time they sell or get a lead your squeeze page or a banner will be there to say hi to that red hot lead that has a very high probability to buy a special bonus.  You can offer your free newsletter or ebook to get the people to opt in from their page.

Do this with 5-10 other higher traffic marketers and you will be getting leads left right center!


Networking Through Ad Swaps

How To Increase Traffic On My Blog

Basically it’s just agreeing to promote someone you know their product as they promote yours in return to each other’s subscriber list.  The only thing I don’t like about this method is that if you don’t know the way your partner markets, it can affect how your branding will look to their list.

I am a firm believer of value first than closing a sale.  If the partner you chose is a desperate networker, their list may end up unsubscribing and may remember your brand and leave with a bad taste.

I would suggest researching the prospect ad swapper by signing up on their list incognito to see how they treat their own subscribers.  If they offer every shiny new product our there then this is not the partner you would want to work with.

Your belief and my belief is to provide value to our list.  Find someone with the same mindset and perhaps you can even work affiliate products with them in the future.

Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

I suggest starting out with free traffic always.  This style never goes out of style and it is more for the long run of your business.  Traffic from writing epic content and videos then sharing it on your social media is the way I would go.  You can check out this site for more info on how to increase visitors on my blog.

You can then start forum marketing and even Facebook forum marketing (just don’t abuse any of these platform and respect the guidelines or you will be banned) by helping people with their problems.  This is such a good practice if you have not any lists or subscribers yet because you get to sharpen your teaching skills towards newbies and fellow networkers alike.

The next big thing to try is to do paid advertisements through solo ads.  Just do your research and find the highest rated solo ad service providers from warrior forum or even, etc.

Focus on these favourites or try out the other suggestions for yourself and see which converts better for you.  You’ll be glad you did!




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