How To Sell Without Selling – A Win For Your Fans Is A Win For Your Business


how to sell without selling


It has been a while since my last blog post and for a good reason, I was hella busy!

With a couple of projects in the works and coaching my students, I did not want to spread myself too thin and create a blog post just for the sake of blogging.

As you have already known that my blog oozes with value, this is my creed that I will keep for the sake of my fans and the integrity of my brand. I have learned a few things from my case studies with my past and current students which is what my article will be about today.

Without further a due, today’s blog is about how to sell without selling.  Watch my quick video below if you are not in the mood to read and want to watch instead ;)




Give Value By Moving The Free Line


how to sell without selling

  One of my students and good friend a few days ago gave me a link from a video on Youtube which is  how to sell without selling strategy from another marketer about “moving the freeline”.

This basically means that if you have a product or created a product that you would normally sell for a good amount of money, instead of charging your followers for this product, you would give it to them for free.

This might sound crazy to some of you, but this is how I have been doing my business from the start.

As a marketer watching the video link given to me by my student about “free bribes” further proves that my system works for myself, for him and for all successful online marketers as well.  He also says that by pushing the freeline, you can also push and promote a higher product in which you can make much bigger commission from.

I say Amen to that!  He calls it moving the freeline, I call it attraction marketing!  Some drug dealers may even call it leaving their fiends “high and dry” in pop culture, sorry to use that example but you get the point ;).

I always teach this motto that people don’t join products, but people join people in this business. The more you build trust and becoming transparent to your clients or fans, the more money you will end up making.

Cutting the BS with honesty will warm up your cold fans and also inspire them to really become something or somebody they thought was not possible.

Not only I am genuinely helping and enjoying helping others build their online empire but this is a perfect way to set myself up on how to sell without selling.

This is my sole purpose as a coach and mission of my brand to inspire and empower others.


Monetize Your Sales Funnel


how to sell without selling

We talked about giving tremendous value or moving the “free line” in order to be able to sell the higher ticket products you may be promoting.

In this case I promote MOBE which allows to make 1k-5k commissions once in a while which is a great feeling!

Now, not everyone can afford your high ticket products which is why it is important to also have a funded proposal like MLSP where your clients can still start their own business for a lesser ticket price per month and they can get 100$ – 500$ sale per product 100% commission.

These products is what makes you feed your business and should be the end goal of any business venture.

Now monetizing your sales funnel is a pretty simple setup and can be integrated with your “free line”. In the world of online marketing we call it a lead magnet or bribe.

This is promoted by a squeeze page you use for paid ads or landing pages for your blog home pages.

Here is an example on my blog’s pages where I have an optin form for my followers to give their email to my list in exchange for my free tutorial.

how to sell without selling

This free tutorial is my bootcamp and also my sales funnel in which I receive my monthly earnings from.


Well my bootcamp is the best guidance and step by step approach how to start an online business and make 1k a day.

I recommend tools and services that I use personally in which I am also setup as an affiliate.

This is where I make most of my passive income on top of other income streams from other systems I created and integrated within my online business.

So in a nutshell, tutorial that gives them value not only helps and teaches them how to be independent and wise entrepreneurs, it also “forces” them naturally to purchase the same tools that I am using which gives me my success!

It’s a win win situation! When you create systems like these, it will show you as an authority, a true genuine mentor, whilst getting paid ;)

The final end goal also is for them to join your business opportunity that you do believe in.

Even if they don’t join it, you are still providing solutions to their problems regardless which will earn you respect and brand loyalty for years to come.

You did not pitch or hard sell anything but to just help them get started.  If you want to know more about my free bootcamp please subscribe below!

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Give Them Small Victories


how to sell without selling

One of great articles I read and favorite podcaster Pat Flynn talked about setting up a tee baseball instead of pitching a fastball.

This is very true especially for your students who are just starting out their online business.

I call it giving your clients small victories. Unfortunately for most newbie onlinepreneurs, their naive eager spirit gets the best of them and they get suckered into by “gurus” who cares only about taking their cash rather than seeing them succeed. Fortunately for me, I am the solution man for these unfortunate souls.

They are so devastated and frustrated from investing time and effort with little or no result, no help to be found, plus the race against time of monthly online bills.

This is where I provide them with hangouts or skype calls for free just so I show them the proper steps to setup their own systems. As simple as getting a system setup for them where they can get one small sale or even a few leads and subscribers is great victory for them.

Letting them feel the taste of success no matter how small it is will earn you the right to be their coach for life. They have been so used to getting fast ball sales pitches in which they are too weak and slow to hit it to get success.

Imagine an MLB pitcher going against an elementary batter.

There is nothing wrong with the product or even sales pitching but you must have common sense and understand the levels of faith and understanding of your clients.

By feeding your baby student milk, they will grow and get big enough to be able to start chewing meat which will make them more successful and gives credibility to what you preach.


Be Transparent


how to sell without selling

Be honest with all your dealings because the truth will always set you free.

Just as important as what we have just discussed on giving your clients small victories, showing your “secrets” to them will mean the world! In this business the true secret is hard work and common sense.

Everything else can be reverse engineered or copied from other successful business. For example, a restaurant having special chicken rotisserie and another restaurant down the street has the exact same recipe but changed a little with some spice by that restaurant chef.

How many ways can you cook a chicken? Same principle, how many ways can you explain about video marketing? The same idea but different flavor by the creator.

This is the reason why I am transparent with all of my followers so they can truly understand the techniques I teach and not just simply doing it because it has to be done.

What needs to be done is to learn a skill, master it by implementing, do trial and error and finally teach. I am transparent about my victories and successes just to show my fans that I am human too.

And that my struggles are the same and my victories are also achievable. This will inspire them by the end of the day and many days after.

And in the world of network marketing, the more success my students gets, the more success and passive income I will get as well.

Find what most online marketers are doing, which is sneaky and deceitful and do the opposite which will fatten up your paypal account faster than those scammy marketers.


Create Masterminds Private Group And Lead With Them With Webinars


how to sell without selling

Now this is another great way to not only maintain the value to your students but it will also keep your brand loyalty on an all time high.

Now I know that statistically 9 out of 10 leads will be committed and the rest will quit but one thing I have learned is that the future is always an open book.

Even if the 9 quits today, tomorrow or months from now, having them part of you group will still keep them in the loop. We don’t know what stops people’s desires to take action.

All I know is that having them in your group and seeing progress from you and your students definitely helps more than any procrastinating and fearful emotion they might be facing.

Another great reason why you should have private group is that it gives a chance for your students to practice their leadership skills. By telling them to network and help each other out brings out the best out of your students without the judging and competitive nature of the outside world.

I tell my students all the time that you never know who you will meet in the group and become close friends with.  You could even also be creating a new product from a joint venture that can make you and your friend six figures.

I also run live group webinars to just get the members to hangout even though we are all over the parts of the world.

This is also a perfect place to teach a new strategy or technique with your students or even out side of your group to promote a tool you use and affiliated with.

There are just so much benefit from doing this step that it shouldn’t be left out. It might sound daunting at first but the pros are way better than the cons.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thought

We got into business simply to make a living.  Now even though you are just getting into online marketing or a veteran in the field, the passion that unites us all is helping others.

Even if you are the most diabolical person in the world, it is our nature to help those who really needs it.  It gives us a sense of faith in the humanity.

Without sugar coating it, we need to make sales period in order for our pet monster aka business to grow into a beast that can take care of us and our dream lifestyle for ourselves and loved ones.

Mastering the art of how to sell without selling truly is a Pablo Picasso piece and you need to appreciate it with a very creative mind.

You need to start practicing of making others win but at the exact same time you are benefiting from your genuine good deed. As Charlie Sheen would say “Winning!”.

If you follow those simple strategies I have illustrated above there is now doubt that you will not only fulfill other’s destinies but yours as well naturally.


Inspiring You and Empowering You!

            BASS JO

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