How To Create A Blog From Scratch – Step By Step Guide How To Start Making Money Online

how to create a blog from scratch

Alright! Welcome to one of the best training you will get on how to build your blog aka money site. I hope you are as excited as I am so let’s get to it! In this tutorial you will find video lessons as well that make the daunting task of creating you very first site or blog, a very simple one. I have made this guide as concise and efficient as possible so that you can get on with your business, which is to create your content that your audience will love and appreciate. It’s very rewarding not only in your pockets but primarily the joy of helping someone solve their problems. You can apply this guide to whatever business niche you are passionate and involved in as well.

Step 1: Trust

how to create a blog from scratch

You will notice that the world loves to be famous. Everyone wants to be the expert in something. I for one never consider myself an expert but my passion is problem solving. That should be your main drive and thinking before you even create your blog. Don’t do it to be famous but instead be the answer to people’s problem. Fame is just a byproduct and just another means to an end goal which is to help the people. Focusing on the prize all the time of making quick cash will make you sound like a salesman. If you can create a content that helps people genuinely then they in return will feel in debt of you. Instead of sales pitches that never works you can recommend them products or tools and services that you really believe in and actually use. Never send people to products you don’t even know period. Blind never leads the blind. Instead research the product compare it with your product then give a non biased review and let the people decide.

Step 2: Market Research

how to create a blog from scratch

Now for those of you who are in network marketing business like me you may want to do you market research on forum sites like and If you are in a different niche, try to find a good forum on google search and start from there. For example if you are in the fitness industry you may want to checkout forums. Now on you will find that there are about 20,000+ users logged any given time asking for solution to their problems.

how to start a blog from scratch

Here is an example of one forum subject of thread of Social Media Marketing. From here you will notice there are lots of people asking various type of questions. You need to check the most popular one by clicking replies button or view button so that you will get the most popular thread. From there you will get ideas like “Should I buy facebook likes?” or “which one is better, facebook or twitter?”. That is money in the bank questions so in your keyword that you want to rank for on the search engines are those types of keyword questions or relevant to it.

Step 3: Research Your Demographics

Here is a really cool tool from google that I love. First you want to create a google+ account or account or google adwords. They’re all for free which makes it even better. Next, you need to go to Google Display Planner and input the address of the forum site you were researching your keyword from and input it inside the “get ideas and estimates” box.

how to start a blog from scratch

Now we get a very good idea on the type of people who are in this website forum we are going to start creating a solution content for in our blog. Looks like the majority are 25-34 yrs old male and plenty of mobile users. Now you can create a content relevant to that age demographic, gender and device usage. Money in the bank with precision target marketing!

Step 4: Reverse Engineering

how to start a blog from scratch

This step is a pretty good strategy to getting yourself as an authority before you are even one yet. You want to use google search and find out who are the best blog leaders in whatever business niche you are in. You can also look for the best blogs in google about your niche. Researching the competitors and leaders who wrote these compelling articles will give you an idea how they engage their audience, how they monetize their site and how do they stay on top of their game. Take note that you should never copy and paste somebody else’s blog which is most likely copyrighted and its just plain wrong. What I suggest is to read the article and understand the content, apply the knowledge to your business, document your results and then you can teach it to your own followers.

Step 5: Keyword Research

Ok so we now have an idea how to write compelling articles and maybe even what to write about, let’s go back to the forum sites we’ve researched. Remember the questions that were popular in the forum threads? Let’s capitalize of that by using another free tool from google called Keyword Planner. I advise to watch the tutorial on how to use these tools to get the most out of them. So once we pick the keyword phrase aka long tail keyword “which is better facebook or twitter” in the get ideas box you will see the analysis of the amount of searches those keywords gets typed in google per month and how much sites are competing for it to be ranked on top.

how to start a blog from scratch

You will notice that it’s got 110 searches per month and low competition. These are all estimates but you get the picture on how it works. If you are a yoga instructor and you want to use a root keyword of “yoga” you need to be more specific and turn your root word in to a long tail. Just play around on the actual search box from the keyword planner of even google itself to see which keywords people are searching for that adds with the root word “yoga”. You can come up with “Yoga is the new black” etc. If you still having hard time to digest all of these I explain my own process on how I do my keyword research in the video below from an excerpt from my 9 Day Bootcamp Video Series.

I personally use a couple of tools for in depth keyword research. Long Tail Pro and SE Cockpit are essential for my marketing arsenal that helps me rank up on search engines. Here is another video excerpt from my Bootcamp on how I use Long Tail Pro keyword research tool.


I need to emphasize the importance of a good keyword you can rank and compete in. Last thing you want is create a ton of contents and never able to rank up the engines because you don’t have the advertising capital, backlink investments, time nor the skills to win over the higher authority sites.

Never just pick a rootword without turning it into a long tail keyword which is more specific and less competitive even though the searches are only a few. Those few could be your diamond in the rough leads and clients.

Step 6: Start Creating Content Now And Build Your Leads List!

I know that it looks cool to have a nice presentable blog or site. But those are like cosmetics on a woman. It only enhances the real beauty of your blog which is the content. But your content that changes people’s lives is your legacy that shapes the the human core within the universe itself. Once you have a huge list of leads in your email subscription or autoresponder, they are like ATM machines. Anytime you have a products or service you need to promote you can broadcast to all of your followers the info. Which brings us to another important subject of Autoresponders. I have researched all of the top mailing systems out there and the most efficient and cheapest is Pure Leverage Toolsuite. For $25 you can’t get any system out there cheaper and functional at the same time with lots of tools within the system itself like video conferencing, video emailing etc. But I only use it as an autoresponder because its like half the price of Aweber and Mailchimp.

Step 7: On Page Optimization

how to create a blog from scratch If your content is the soul of your blog then On Page SEO is the body structure or the DNA genetic makeup. Without this the search engines won’t know what your page is about. You need to basically help the search engines so they can help you rank on their page. This is what you need to do in order to rank and stay above the competition. 1. Title of your post – With the keyword you are trying to rank for, this is also where Serps aka search engines get the idea what your content is about. Let’s look at the title of this post. The keyword I am trying to rank for is “how to create a blog from scratch“. I added a few keywords “step by step guide how to start making money online”. I do this because the Serps will see the long tail keyword then the added keywords are for my audience who will get deeper understanding what my post is about I use a couple of very good tool called SEOPressor and All In One SEO plugins for wordpress that helps me optimize my site On Page.

I will show you in a bit how to use them.

2. Meta Description – A description of what your content is about to help readers and Serps.

In this small description you can sprinkle your keywords in it but make it look natural that the Serps won’t penalize you for over optimizing. Plus it looks like a human wrote it not a robot.

3. Meta Keywords – This is just another way for your audience and Serps to see your content which is very important. Download the free plugin All In One Seo and input the keywords in the boxes its asking for.

Just by practicing this strategy everytime you create a content, you are already ahead of about 90% of clueless bloggers out there. They write content until the sun goes down but not a single soul will ever read it because they never took the effort to utilize these first three important steps.

4. Permalinks – Another secret I do is to change how my URL looks. When you create your post the url will have a a long weird strand of letters, numbers and symbols. This doesn’t help search engines and your audience. In the world of blogging where the number one priority is to help your audience, having a user friendly URL can make a huge difference.

You can go to the setting in Worpress and change the structure of permalinks. You can also edit the URL on the dashboard of your editing page itself and change the address to be user friendly.

5. Optimizing Your Images – Here is a neat little trick that most people don’t do. I am a visual person and most of us are. I use images like its going out of style.

You can input your keyword on the Title box and Alt Tag box in order to get ranked. There is a huge traffic that searches only for videos, images documents etc. and if you got your images optimized with those keywords your image will rank. Your image also has a link going back to your money site which is good traffic generator.

6. Google Authorship – If you noticed a lot of contents out there has a picture and name of the author embeded on the snippet on the Serps. This is called Google Authorship. This shows the people who wrote the content and shows the Serps that you have credibility and you are serious about your blog.

I recommend installing a plugin or doing it manually for your site with a plugin.

Step 8: Creating Your Compelling Content

how to create a blog from scratch

I know what you’re thinking. Let’s create a million posts asap! This is backwards way of thinking my friend. Even if you create one very helpful tutorial like this one you are reading it will trump a hundred low quality post that didn’t help anybody.

You have to create your post like you are creating a Bugatti not a Civic. It takes me a whole night to create a post like this one (with use of SEO tricks of course and testing it before publish) but the return on my investment is a lot more fulfilling than having only my mom and myself reading my post.

I recommend creating tutorial posts to gain traction for your site at the early stages where you have no credibility yet. Do your homework and study a skill you can teach then apply it to your life and share it by posting your experience and opinion.

General rule is to create about 1500 word articles because google respects this.

Another content idea is to create a viral post that inspires and motivates people. Everyone loves to be inspired.

Once you got your compelling content done you will need to make it viral by spreading it to social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 like blogger, facebook and twitter.

Step 9: Social Syndication

If you followed all of these steps thus far, you are on your way to becoming a reliable authority source of knowledge for the broken world with problems. You now need a final trick to top things off which is called Social Adr. This is a good tool to begin with for helping your content go viral through social networks but if your content is great to begin with people will share, like and comment regardless.

Social Adr just keeps you a little bit ahead of the game. I also recommend Link Emperor to create a variety of backlinks including Social Bookmarkings. You can use either or but one of them should be good enough.

I personally use this tool to get me ranked on top efficiently, properly and safely without getting my money site penalized. It may cost a little bit more of investment but its worth it when you get your massive returns on harvest day.

It’s a bit of a learning curve but if you follow the video tutorials you will find it very user friendly. If you need more info on how to use these tools I go over it on my Bootcamp Video Course. You can sign up below and receive it for free.

how to create a blog from scratch

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how to create a blog from scratchThat’s all there is to it and if you understand these system and implement it it will be child’s play to you in a few weeks and becomes second nature.

Here’s my video series from the 9 Day Bootcamp that I created that shows you how fast you can create a functioning WordPress blog from scratch and how to monetize it.


Welcome to Blog Setup 101! Now I know you have been waiting for this since day one of our training. This is where hard work begins. Think of yourself as a farmer and this is seed planting time. Don’t get too overwhelmed and get too crazy perfecting the details. You will have plenty of time doing that. Just observe and absorb then apply it to your own site. You can copy what I do and please do not skip any of the videos as I have compiled it in proper sequence exactly how I got started in this business. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Website Overview And Domain Name Basics

Step 2: How To Register A Domain Name



Step 3: How To Get Webhosting




Step 4: Pointing Your Domain To Your Webhost

Step 5: Installing WordPress In Your Website

Step 6: Installing WordPress Theme And Settings



Step 7: How To Customize Your Header On WordPress

Step 8: How To Use Widgets On Your Sidebar

Step 9: How To Use Plugins On WordPress

Step 10: How To Create Posts And Pages

Step 11: Setting Up Your Custom Menu

Step 12: Building Your Email List With Autoresponders



Step 13: Finishing Touches And Essential Plugins


That about sums up all my techniques and tools I use on how to create a blog like mine. Remember though that the content is more important part of your project. I have seen the blog sites of some great network marketing leaders and even the google have a pretty simple theme and style for their websites. Don’t get caught up perfecting your site because you have plenty of time to do that as you go along. You don’t want to be two months down the road still beautifying your site and you have zero content to provide your audience. Just go ahead and get busy already!

Take care and Happy blogging

Now you know how to create a blog from scratch, did you find this tutorial useful? Please leave your comment, like and share this post.

how to create a blog from scratch





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