High Ticket Affiliate Programs – A Must To Scale Your Business

high ticket affiliate programs

Today I will discuss the importance of having a High Ticket Affiliate Programs lined up within your sales funnel.  If you don’t know what a sales funnel is and you are just getting your feet wet in the network marketing game, it is your system that is set up that offers your audience free information that they are seeking for in exchange for their e-mail.

Once they have given their e-mail, they become part of your list of leads that you can build your relationship with by giving more valuable newsletters and advice and offering them your wide range of products you are promoting.

Watch the video to further understand why it is very crucial to setup a low, mid and high ticket affiliate programs in your sales funnel.




Scale Your Business Bigger and Faster With High Ticket Affiliate Programs

high ticket affiliate programs

The answer is entirely yours on this one.  It all depends on the level of your mindset or faith as I like to call it.

How much faith do you have in yourself?

How much grit and guts do you have to be entirely committed to make your business work.  If ever there is a better time to have the unfair advantage over all other marketers out there, it is having a system that caters to the masses.

Understanding that it takes money to make money and as Robert Kiyosaki once said that he gets rich because he puts himself deliberately in debt by purchasing more assets and having positive cash flow from his real estate investments.

On top of that because it is a business expense, the government ends up paying him about 10 millions dollars a month on tax returns!

Same idea applies with your high ticket affiliate programs.  It may cost you more to invest but the huge payout you get once in a while is better than getting a thousand $5 dollar commissions.

What I also suggest is that when you get your high commission payday, is to reinvest it back to your business by purchasing from your trusted (do your due  diligence on solo ad providers) solo ad provider.  I always invest about 70% to keep my traffic coming and build my lead list.

This way you are scaling your business faster than having to use your profits from your low ticket sales.


No Hassle, Just Hustle!

high ticket affiliate programs

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your own products.  I recommend creating your own coaching, ebook, videos tutorials, special techie services, apps etc.

Nothing is more satisfying than having your own creation on high demand.  The only downfall especially if you are a one man team is called customer service.

If for example one of your customers are such beginners and are having trouble even just opening up the product you created can take you away from your more important tasks for your business, which is driving traffic to your sales funnel and closing the sales from your leads.

If you are the jack of all traded in your business, you will get no sleep and most of all the quality of service you will give to your clients will be half-hearted.

The beauty of a systems like My Top Tier Business is that everything is already done for you.  From a low ticket entry MTTB affiliate, high ticket licensee programs, courses, and most of all customer services!

They not only have a great customer support that will take care of your prospects, they also have a phone sales team to close sales for you.

The only thing missing is your ability to provide the system TRAFFIC!

This is my specialty and my website, video bootcamp course can help you once you have decided to join the MTTB or MOBE with me.

The next big thing that is needed from you, and this is for your own benefit is to provide VALUE and become the problem solver for your leads.

Over deliver with your help and contents that they love.  Helpful tips for them to grow their business is not only good for them, but it shows your brand as an authority.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thought

high ticket affiliate programs

Once you have realize the full potential of having a high ticket affiliate programs and complement it with your lower and mid ticket products, scaling your business not only makes common sense but it becomes a breeze.

By having passive income from low tickets and have a couple or more high ticket sales where you can cash in thousands, you can have the freedom to reinvest towards your business to reach it’s full potential month after month and year after year.

If you join with me, you will get my full undivided attention to help you get your blog setup, 1 hour one-on-one coaching ($300 value) and reach out to me personally on facebook.

If you are a person of common sense you will not pass on this opportunity and leave tons of cash for your competition to grab.

Inspiring and Empowering you,

high ticket affiliate programs





Joseph Villanueva

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