How To Grow Brand Loyalty – Simple Steps In Order To Create Your Brand Into A Household Name

how to grow brand loyalty


Growing up in the Philippines when I was a kid, I remember my grandmother used to tell me to go to the store and purchase toothpaste.  The funny thing is that she doesn’t say to purchase toothpaste, she tells me to purchase Colgate instead.

I can also recall her telling me sometimes to grab something from the fridge and she wouldn’t say fridge, but instead she would say “Frigidaire”.

Come to think of it even Western societies call items not by their names, but by the company brand’s name.  For example Kleenex or Sharpie.

This goes to show that the brand name is a powerful thing.  In the network marketing or online businesses we always talk about list building, traffic, conversions and social media, but not a lot of people talk about how to grow brand loyalty.

In this blog post we will discuss how important brand loyalty is and what steps you can take in order  how to grow brand loyalty and create your brand into a household name.


Stick Like Glue

how to grow brand loyalty

A brand definitely beats all types strategies to create a profitable business.  Isn’t brand creation the end goal of entrepreneurs in the first place?

It’s like the brand of Justin Bieber, “Believer” that no matter how much bad press he gets, troubles he faces and haters throws at him, his loyal teenage prepubescent female fans loves him even more! That’s the power of a brand.

The loyalty of your consumer is what will bring you success in anything you do with your business. The stronger your bond with your loyal fans are, the faster and bigger your brand will rise to the top.

Speaking of Justin Bieber, let’s take a look of current trend in the television since the 2000’s.   Guess it? It’s reality TV! Reality tv has sky rocketed and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.  In fact it has been empowered more so on the second largest search engine on the internet, Youtube.

You will notice that anyone who is serious about their success with their business has a youtube channel. Whatever niche they are on, they have a channel where they can promote a commercial or an insider look of their company. You got celebrities, chefs, singers, rich, poor, dogs, cats, babies and just about anyone doing anything on that youtube channel!

The point is that our whole life is like the Jim Carrey in the Truman Show, but the only difference is that you actually want your life and your business to be documented.

In the network marketing niche where we inspire and empower our audiences in order to live the lifestyle they have in their minds and they need a media source on where to take the entrepreneurial baby steps to take them there. Having your life documented from where you began not too long ago, where you are now in your successful  career and where you are heading is probably the most engaging and relevant information you can give to your audiences.

I mean, we all wish for our followers to be successful but wishing them to be a rockstar is a big difference from showing them how to be one. When you document your failures and victories your audience can relate to that experience and you will build loyal followers to your brand.  Very effective way on how to grow brand loyalty ;).


Old School Old Factory Tour

how to grow brand loyalty

Here is a very simple step that I do and the top most companies do in order to create a very loyal brand of followers. This is so old but it is so effective that even up to this day and until the end of times I believe will be a a key strategy for any business to grow their brand loyalty.

It is called the Factory Tour. Do you remember when you where a child in middle school or elementary going on a school trip to the Nesquik chocolate factory?  How about the Coca Cola factory? Or maybe the simple box factory! How cool was that?!  I mean you get to see first hand how your household items and things that you perhaps see and eat everyday created from scratch? Not to mention the loot bags and endless tasting you get from the company!

If you are a wine lover, you get wine tours and wine tastings.  If you like concerts, then you get backstage passes to meet and greet. How do you feel after going to these exclusive events?

Don’t you feel special and important?  This is the strategy you need to be implementing to your business if you haven’t already. Even movies have easter eggs within their bluray discs where you can hear commentators and video games as well that gives special insider access to those loyal fans.

These are just examples of what smart companies do to their fans to build brand loyalty.


Be Everywhere!



One of my motto in this online marketing game is to be everywhere where my audiences may be.  What is the best way to get there?  Yes social media is correct!

It is the most unobtrusive way to connect to your followers compared to other methods.  Email marketing can be very effective but if you are not careful with what you send, you are just one unsubscribe button away.

Compare that with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Once a friend, always a friend. It is definitely much harder for your follower to delete you as well. The reason why social media is perfect is because when you post your content on those mediums, your followers have the scroll power to pass by your content or to be engaged by it.

That instant gratification of your follower to just scroll is very unobtrusive compared to email marketing tactics.  The fault of email marketing is not email marketing itself (it is still the best place, money is on the list ;) )  but it is because it has gotten such a bad reputation from other spammers out there.

The email marketing world is like the wild wild west but social media outlets are more social! Another great thing about being everywhere  by using social media is that there are different target markets for each social media platforms.

For example, Facebook is great all around for networking, Pinterest is 80% women, Google+ 70% is male etc. When you research your market and focus your attention on the social media outlet that has that targeted market you are looking for, the next step is to be everywhere in that particular sector, you will create and build your brand much faster.

Of course, being everywhere on the top media outlets like Facebook, Youtube and twitter is no brainer.  Perhaps when you are good and ready you can also venture out on podcasts, forums and guest postings.

Being everywhere is really a choice and if you are running your own empire from the bottom up, don’t expect anyone else to do the leg work for you. Doing these necessary extra promotions for your brand will not only engage more audiences but it will tattoo your brand on your audience’s mind and potential fans as well.


How To Grow Brand Loyalty? Rewards Baby!

how to grow brand loyalty


What is probably the most popular marketing rewards company out there.  Air miles!  Just about everyone has one and just about everywhere you can collect points so you can live like a king or queen and travel the world and the seven seas. That brand Air miles has been around for many years and many companies have copied their marketing genius.

Now even companies we work for have perks and discounts for employees for their families and friends.  If you are a smart business person, you will create rewards for your customers for following your brand so tight.

For example, if you are promoting an affiliate program and you want to sell as much as you like, you should have a contest where you will give away a free Ipad or Iphone for the first 10 who joins your biz op.

If you have a podcast where you review books, you will run a contest where the first 10 listeners who comments on your blog will receive the copy of the book you are reviewing. Another example is like my bootcamp for free to give my audiences for no charge where they subscribe.  Even a free ebook when they don’t subscribe.

Giving the rewards to your fans not only build’s your loyalty but it makes you look like a cool cat ;) You should also give rewards to the most influential people in your network.

Rewarding those who are very engaged in your inner circle creates a ripple effect to those whom they are connected with. Rewards are also giving your audiences discounts on what you are selling.

I don’t recommend losing your shirt in the process but you need to run a weekly or monthly discounted price in order for your audiences to be trained regulars into purchasing and also being engaged within your brand.

Mighty Joe’s Final Thought

Creating your brand loyalty is the end to your means within your business goals and campaigns.  When you focus your energy on creating a positive image of your brand, everything else seems to fall into place properly and money seems to fall in your pocket naturally as well.

If you provide your audience the much needed attention and bringing them into your personal space closer than their wallet, they will more than glad to hand over it for you if and only if you are giving them the value and respect that they deserve, which is being the answer to their questions or questions they didn’t even know they had.

A successful brand always sparks the mind of the audience to take action into something they need or want to do.

Whether to brush your teeth with Colgate, wipe your nose with Kleenex, listen to your Ipod or be inspired and empowered in, you brand name is what makes or breaks your company.

Inspiring and Empowering You,





Joseph Villanueva

I hope that this article has helped you understand how to grow brand loyalty.  I would appreciate it if you share, like  and comment on this page!