"Dive into your Freedom"

“Dive into your Freedom”


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    possessing great and impressive power or strength

How is it going mighty friends!  My name is Joseph “Mighty Joe” Villanueva I am here to guide you jump start your career in online marketing and reach your God given destiny! Now you maybe thinking how can an average Joe like myself make a decent living online and be a Guru or Coach.

That’s exactly the point!   My friend if I can do it so can you.  And if you choose to accept in your mind, body and soul to believe that you can do anything, then you are exactly right!  Now I also own a few online business in the fitness industry, you can check out my site at mightyjoefitness.com.

Enough about my successes for now and let’s track back to where I was a couple of years ago.  Living with my student loan debts and a growing family, I was working in the restaurant industry full time and did personal training odd jobs to make ends meet.

It was then that I decided that I was not cut out to be ordinary and I was called to be exceptional!  When I was growing in the Philippines, my nickname was “Mighty” because my mother used to watch WWF wrestler named Mighty Igor.  That name stuck around all my life and now it serves me a purpose and destiny.

I set out 2 years ago to start my online journey to making money online and living life on my terms.

So if you’re new to online business then you’ve come to the right place. This very page contains the information you need to get up and running and on the fast track to starting your very own online business.

Once you go through all the steps make sure to subscribe to my list and receive updates and tips on building your business and receive your 9 Day Bootcamp Video Series which will show you the exact steps you need to follow in order to create a successful business online.

how to create a blog from scratch

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My Business Model 101

Inspiration and Motivation is my genuine approach in order to create passive income streams(recurring income).  The soul of my business is blogging to help and inspire while making income month after month from my knowledge and experiences I have learned.

Trust me when I started I had ZERO talent or know how but I am a firm believer that there is not a job or skill that is hard as long as you put in honest work and effort.  Which in return makes my coaching enjoyable and effortless.

I explain in detail in the video below how my business works and why if you want to “Inspire and Empower” you need to create passive income streams that give you time and financial freedom.

What You Need To Know

1.) Impossible is nothing! 

Don’t get fooled by people online that there is a money tree online and the fact is there is!  You will need your belief seed first, then work/action seed, time/investment seed, patience seed, and then reap what you sow.

Seems like A LOT of Work right? But what are you doing right now?  Where will you go tomorrow?  You will go to your work and take orders from your boss and watch the clock all day so you can sign out.  Owning your honest hard work business is definitely much more rewarding.

You have to change your employee Jane and Joe thinking and start accepting your Mighty self!  You will have to learn new skills and put in genuine hard work, push through your frustrations and things will start falling into place you can make a life changing income.

2.) Rome was not built overnight!

Welcome to the microwave generation. Many years as a personal trainer I’ve helped many people create life changing fitness goals, but they put in the work and followed what I taught them.

Same principle applies in an online business.  You won’t get rich overnight, but If you put in honest work you can create a few thousands a month income a lot faster than you think.

I spent hours upon hours of my own hard work creating tutorials on this site for you in order to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made, but at the end of the day it comes down to YOU putting in the work and taking action.

I’ve helped people in third world countries make more money a month than most people make in 1st world countries, but they weren’t afraid of hard work and followed exactly what I teach.

If you ever have questions just post a comment on the blog or inside my Facebook group and it will be a privilege to assist you.

Now that we got that out of the way we need to talk about the most important part to running your online business and that’s starting your own blog.

Blog is your bridge to interact eye to eye and soul to soul with people just like you who are seeking and yearning for help to change their life.  And with the current downfall of our economy, online is the wave of the today and the future. If you want to create a successful business online you need your own blog regardless what traffic source you’re using.

A blog helps establish credibility and brands you as a “thought leader” in your niche(industry).

Domain And Hosting

Now I just touched on why you need your own blog, but I want to point out why you need your own domain and hosting.

Someone will always ask- – – “Joe, can I use a free service like blogger or Tubmlr”.

The answer is yes you could, but I would never do it!

When you blog on a third party website your website would look like “mightyjanesandjoes.blogspot.com”.

I would suggest avoiding this path for a few reasons:

1.) You don’t have full control of your business.

When you blog on a third party website you don’t own your content because it’s on someone else’s domain.

The other risk is getting your hard work deleted if blogger doesn’t like something you’ve done.

2.) The lack of customization options.

One of the biggest downsides is not having the ability to fully customise the design or functionality of your blog.

With most of the free platforms you can’t install custom plugins or change the functionality of the website to perform the way you want to.

Purchasing A Domain Name


The first step to getting your blog online is purchasing your own domain name. This will cost you about $10 a year.

I use Namecheap to buy all of my domain names.

Most people usually ask me is it best to get a keyword in the domain or should they use their name or branding. Don’t over think it, just pick something you like and run with it.  You don’t want to spend a month thinking of catchy name and not make any income.

Web Hosting Provider I Trust & Use


Hostgator is my favourite recommendation in which my sites are on.  Make sure to use my 25% OFF Coupon: MIGHTYJOEORG

I’ve used Hostgator and most of my affiliate websites without ever having a problem. The problems I did have were user error and Hostgator always fixed everything I screwed up.

Hostgator is one of the largest web hosts on the internet and known for their technical support. If you have a problem just jump on the web chat or give them a call and they will get you fixed up.


What To Do Next?

Once you have your domain name and web host account the next step is to head over to sign up for my bootcamp video series below.

This will show you step by step how to setup your first blog and will give you a lot of information on how to be successful from the start rather than making a lot of the mistakes I made as a newbie blogger.

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Inspiring and Empowering you,

Joseph “Mighty Joe” Villanueva

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