The Frozen Falls – Let It Go, Let It Go, Can’t Hold It Back Anymore

What a great Disney movie about the cold.  My family loved it so much we decided to take a drive down at one of the world’s great wonders: The Mighty Niagara Falls! Frozen!

My family and I visit the falls many times before but had never seen it in winter.  Inspired after watching the Frozen Disney movie, we thought what great idea it was to see it on this season of cold weather.

If you are living in the Northern Americas I believe that we all experienced the north pole’s polar vortex.  I believe this has got to be the worst and coldest winter season in many decades.

Nonetheless, we chose the struggle of fighting the cold and braved it out to see the falls.

It did not disappoint.

the frozen falls

Look at those big smiles.  Thank God it wasn’t as cold as we were thinking and enjoyed the site.  There were plenty of people as well who were enjoying the beauty of this place.

It is very important to balance our lives and spending it with the people we love.  Often, we get caught up in the daily grind of our businesses and also for those who are in the rat race.

Taking time off from work and your business is key to success in order for your Spirit, Mind and Soul to recharge.

By doing so, you will find yourself more energetic and inspired to not only work harder but also inspired to share stories that may uplift your audience’s lives and motivate them to take a little necessary break in the midst of the chaos.

Here is a small clip of the Niagara Falls.

Hope this small post may help you and inspire you to not hold back anymore and learn to let things go, even if it’s a cold struggle out there, “The cold never bothered me anyway”.

Joseph Villanueva