What Makes An Effective Leader – They Give Value And Strengthens Relationships

what makes an effective leader

Sometimes I get people asking me, how do I become such a great leader with no fear.  Little that they know that I have many fears, doubts and weaknesses that simply no one sees.

In this article I will show you how I built my businesses from the ground up and how I motivate others to do the same in reaching their own lifestyle goals and dreams.

You can watch the video below if you are not in the mood of reading and in a rush to get just the gist of what makes an effective leader.


Always Learn – When You Stop Learning, You Stop Growing

what makes an effective leader

Have you ever heard of the term “the blind leading the blind”.  It is a very dangerous type of person that is ignorant and very high of their own ego that they not only put themselves into peril but also the others who loves and trusts them.

Let me give you an example and  I hope you don’t get offended.  If you have a child (or a pet if you don’t) and you know that there is fast busy  traffic down the street.

Would you lead them there and let them play ball or catch?  Would you even play in there same area where you can get hit?

If you value the trust and love that your followers or your list had given you the privilege of, you will choose to educate yourself to protect not only your neck but theirs also.

If you do this to your list and followers, the money train will come earlier than scheduled naturally.  What is more rewarding than that?

If you provide people with value by living and breathing it yourself, there is no force that can stop you scaling your business bigger.

Let’s define what Value is, for those network marketers who are having trouble finding it.

The very first problem they face is getting a follower or leads for their business.  They also have no knowledge or skills how to market in order to generate leads.

On the technical side, they have no grasp and they have constant fear and trembling around computers.

This means that they won’t know how to create their own sales funnel or not even know what it is.  With that dilemma, they will have huge problem building their list and making sales.

My solution to overcoming these odds when I was a younger  Joe in the networking niche was accepting to be coached and learn how to reverse engineer the successful leaders in the industry.  Really study how they set everything in their business, the way they speak and their boldness.

What I noticed was that they were no different from me.  All they did was keep learning, application to their lives, then teach it to someone else.

This was the secret sauce to my subway sandwich that was missing.  What makes an effective leader as defined in wikipedia is always consistent with their influence and actions.

I learned, and up to this day continue to make my brand and business scale up one step at a time.  I don’t overwhelm myself.  I set a goal for example like learning a skill on building a blog.  Next day was to learn about SEO.  After a few days of applying it to my own business, I document what I’ve learned, make an article and video and share it to my list and followers.

After six months of continually learning and applying, I was miles ahead of other network marketers who have been in the game for 15+ years and only know how to automate spam to their cold dead list.

I much rather have one good responsive and committed lead who will be a rockstar than 1000 tire kickin’ subscribers, don’t you?

I don’t hype up my earnings, or talk about how great my affiliate businesses are, convincing others by sales pitchin’ every chance I get with my time here on Earth, I just started helping others.

The more I helped, the more money I made period.  I had to help myself first and keep educating and growing as the technology grows, so I can help others grow as well.

I make this industry and everyone’s business, my business, inside and out so I don’t miss out on growing with my leads.


Creating Lifetime Friends Is What Makes An Effective Leader

what makes an effective leader

Most network marketers are always there for the one time sales.  This tacky tactic is a business that is doomed from the start.   Sure you will make a sale once in a while but just enough to hopefully cover your affiliate cost and business overheads.  Is this the lifestyle you really dreamed of?

Every business is built upon relationship and networks.  No man is an island.  When that desperate marketer sends their automated spamming product, hoping for that poor customer to bite they already know that they’re tricking people.

They probably wouldn’t touch the same product they promote with a ten foot pole.

This leaves two victims.  The first is the poor beginner marketer that will soon be a frustrated marketer which will probably lose hope in the industry because they don’t have any idea or someone they can ask how the product they just bought works.

The next victim is the actual promoter or seller of product. Why? Because they have just chopped of the hand that was going to feed them.

If they had taken the responsibility of leading that lead on how to build their own business and use the product, they had not only gained a lifetime client but also a friend.

This niche is a race and sometimes those who are ahead will be last and those who are last will be ahead.

By creating your own community of similar mindset, you had built an army for you for the rest of your life.

I don’t know about you but if someone helped me from the start and guided me on how to make my first $100 day then 1000 or more the next week and they did it all from their own time, I would definitely work with that person.

If they suggest a product or tool for me to use to scale my business, I wouldn’t think twice about clicking on their link to support them and support myself.

By being an effective leader from the start, people will feel that they stole the information from you and they will almost feel obligated to pay you in someway shape or form.

You gave them a new chance on life and they will forever be grateful.

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what makes an effective leader

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what makes an effective leader

Helping People First

what makes an effective leader

An effective leader always helps other people first instead of milking them from their hard earned cash.  With this simple concept in mind, you will be put on a pedestal and admired as a leader.

Sure we are all business men and women and without conversion and sales our business will not survive.

In another point of view, you will never make it to point C of your business if you cannot connect the A by using B.

The simple method of genius is providing people with the solution they need from their situations.  That is point B my friend.

Point A is you business technical functions and Point C is Cash.

If you can apply this simple method, your business will not only flourish but your soul will also grow.  Tell me any other feeling that beats the satisfaction of genuinely helping somebody solve their problems?

Not to mention, generating a massive income that lets you live your life on your own terms.

I always go on Warrior Forum and Facebook group for networking online and try to help people who may need to brand their own business and scale it bigger than what they can even imagine.

Lebron James said that he gets more joy from assisting a point for his teammates than scoring himself.

A true leader must be a play maker always.


Implementing Your Leadership To Your Business

what makes an effective leader

As I said earlier to not lead with making money but lead with helping others.  Helping your followers on your blog, tutorials for your Youtube subscribers and inspiring newsletters for your email list is the way to become an effective leader.

Focus always on creating content that helps them in their business, adding value to their lives and business, inspires them and makes them act and better themselves.

I talked about forever learning and making your business the only business you live and breathe in so that you can share your new found knowledge and enlighten your followers.

Trust me, everybody and I mean everybody is struggling even the most successful people out there, and everyday they need inspiration to make them reach their full potential.  Mo’ money, Mo’ problems right?


Inspire, Motivate And Entertain

what makes an effective leader

Unfortunately for most internet marketers out there who uses automation to get people to sign up for their affiliate links will often be in a desperation mode and will never achieve the lifestyle they dream of.

Instead they will make the creator of the product richer and make themselves as “employee” because they refuse to learn on how to brand their name as an authority in their business niche.

For beginners, I know it’s hard to become authoritative.  Which is why it’s important to be inspired daily by successful people in the business, powerful words from your belief system, (mine is the Bible :) ) and watching or reading entertainment that oozes with inspiration.

No matter how successful someone is, there is a mentor for them.  There are mentors for mentors.  This is the heart and soul of network marketing.

Once you notice that you are part of this community and you need to give back to the community whether big or small, you will  start getting recognized as a leader.  If you do this for 3 months whether you have been in the industry 1 month or 1 year or even 10 years you will see a drastic change in your business online.

Not just that, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping another fellow marketer.

This is called selling without actually selling.  If people trust you and can relate with the struggle you are going through realizing that they can model off your ethics and values, then they will ask you what products you are using, what tools do you use for success and affiliates you are promoting.

When people are actually signing up when you don’t have to ask them to sign up you get to focus on becoming more of who you really are in your content and videos.  You can add your soul and flavor in the messages.  Catch my drift?

When you are too busy shoving your products down your audience’s throat and trying desperately to squeeze money from them then you won’t be able to add character in your content.  You will become a tool.  No one likes tools.

Inspiring others is a form of entertainment that no one else could do in your own unique way.  No one else.  I am always a believer that there are plenty of fishes in the sea of online marketing and over saturation should never be a fear when you get into this business or any business.  Never let it be an excuse to start any business.  As an entrepreneur we go against the grain!

In fact saturation brings out competition, and competition brings out the struggle, and with it comes out the real Soul inside of us.  The leader within!  That is something you cannot teach but can only be learned through experience.  Your time of testing is your time for a testimony of your victories.

With that in mind, you become unleashed and free to express your heart, mind and soul for your followers and in your business and your personal life.  Nothing can hold you back even if they tried.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

What makes an effective leader?  You have to love what you do.  Something embedded in our genetic make up is to help others. That is the honest truth.

Giving value to other people’s lives is much more satisfying and it leaves a legacy for everyone in years to come.  We have to remember that all great leaders like Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela all had their struggles in their lives.

There seems to be a pattern in all of this as you see, that all great leaders goes to plenty of trouble before they become legendary.

The heavier the struggle, the bigger and better the promotion.  So to all of you future leaders out there who are tempted to spam their way to success by shoving products down people’s throats, why now give them value and be the solution to their broken world.

By the end of the day you are only helping yourself in achieving your success and destiny by guiding somebody into their full potential and greatness.


Inspiring and Empowering you,


what makes an effective leader





Joseph Villanueva

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what makes an effective leader

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what makes an effective leader


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