How To Create A Passive Income – Implementing The System In The Network Marketing Niche

how to create a passive income

There are lots of ways to make money in life.  There is employee type of money, there is investment capital type of money and then there is the recurring passive type of money.

Out of the three I will show you that having a recurring passive income is the best out of the three.

No need to explain the employee type since we are all familiar with that right ;).  Capital income can be defined as the income that a person or business makes from the sale of their capital investment assets.

Now Capital income is still good but you have to look at it as initial liability not necessarily an asset.  This takes some time to mature in order to get returns on investment but still good to have.

Finally there is passive income.  To create a passive income stream cash flow is where you need to be if you want to really want to start making good money so you can start building your brand name business and become an investor of more businesses to  massively scale your income.  Here is a definition of how to create a passive income on wikipedia.

And that is a whole other topic on its own.

Let’s keep it simple and take it one step at a time and truly understand how easy it is to start a passive income business and how to implement it even easier with your network marketing niche.

Watch the video below on how to create a passive income.


Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

how to create a passive income

Now who said that getting rich is easy.  If you think that then you should stick to your day job and stay comfortable because empire creation will take all of your time and attention.  Rome wasn’t built overnight.

Setting your system up will take courage and some sleepless nights but once it’s done, it could turn into an ATM machine that will give you your financial freedom.

Now just because I said that, don’t go jumping the gun.  It doesn’t mean that it can’t happen because it does.  But with great knowledge comes with great responsibilities.

I can teach someone the most effective and best training program to lose weight and build muscle.  They go and accept that knowledge.

After a couple of times in the gym they realize how much sweat and work you have to do to achieve their goals and they quit before even losing a pound.

You will hear all types of excuses in the book.  I tell you if you want something so bad and the exchange for that victory is just the daily struggle called work (that you already do for someone else) to get there, then I believe it’s a small price to pay to achieve greatness.

Good thing is that I have done all my studying and implemented this great knowledge unto my businesses and today I am willing to do the best in my abilities to help you start your own Brand System.

how to create a blog from scratch

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By signing up above you will get all the necessary tools and guidance you need to start building your own blog and brand.  I will be honest that it can take about 3 months to set your brand system up and the work doesn’t stop there.

You must implement everything that I teach you and really learn to grow.  You will need to educate yourself as well and do your own research in order to be competitive in this industry since technology keeps growing.

But don’t worry this will come natural because you WILL fall in LOVE with this business (especially when the passive income starts rackin’ up).

This is just my advice, you can do whatever you want to do ;).


How To Create A Passive Income In Network Marketing

how to create a passive income

I always believe that network marketing is a great niche to get started in any online business.  Some people may disagree with me but Mr.  Robert Kiyosaki agrees about network marketing as the 21st Century business of this generation.  Watch the video below and learn a few pointers from Mr. Finance himself, check it out.

Some may say that you should just create tons of niche sites and grab a product from amazon, jvzoo, clickbank or wherever you can promote.  That’s a great idea but those are easy to do.  I am a firm believer of easy come easy go.

When you learn the hard stuff first, like creating your own Brand System like and focus on this money site, when you learn how to grow this baby into a monster, the smaller sites becomes so easy to brand.

For example, my caters to online training and local.  It is my fitness site that I got started with in which I had trouble with starting up about three years ago.

After I had researched and reliazed that my marketing really sucked, then I got involved in network marketing niche.  This is where I invested on knowledge and got personal coaching from six and seven figure earners in the industry how to build my brand or any brand for any niche, rank it on Serps (search engines) by creating contents that people love and need help with.

It took a lot of Hard work, like really hard work, like Hell’s Kitchen type of hard work.  After I was setup and made very good progress with my, I went back to  my fitness site and it was like child’s play.

I have many other niches I will expand too in the future but my main bread and butter is and will always be my network marketing niche since it gives me the least amount of work with the amount of return on investment.

Not to mention the satisfaction of turning somebody who is broke and desperate into a successful entrepreneur feels so darn good. Do unto others what you want done unto you right?


Beauty Of Affiliate Product Partnerships

how to create a passive income

How do you create a passive income easily?  How about not having to creating your own products.  Product creation takes knowledge and credibility and for beginners those two thins are non-existent in your brand.

My favourite word in affiliate marketing is leverage.  Obviously if you are already an affiliate of the product you promote, means that you believe the system.  I can only recommend that within your system, you will need to have low, mid and high ticket programs and affiliate products in order to cater to all of your audiences.

You have to respect the level of faith in which each man and woman has.  Different strokes for different folks.  Some people want to take their time and some people want to get ahead of the game and willing to invest the time and money to explode their business.

Whichever way you choose to go, the more you invest capital and commitment to, the better your chances are in making your Brand and create a passive income a reality.

One great affiliate system that I am partnered with is My Top Tier Business.  Created by Matt Lloyd from his humble beginnings, it has produce the biggest commissions back to its partners by helping them with phone sales and proven products.

No need to hype them, just research on their products and you will see.  I don’t believe in hype.  You WILL need to put in work for this system to work.  You need to HELP the system HELP YOU by generating traffic to their link.

Here is an excerpt from my Video Bootcamp on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101.

By signing up below you will get my Step by Step Video on How to generate traffic and my personal guidance!

 how to create a blog from scratch

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create a passive income

That’s all really there is to it with the system I believe and trust and has helped thousands of people reach their dream lifestyle.  You can generate traffic, then you can get paid.

how to create a passive income

You are better off than the 90% of other marketer out there that knows only to spam and couldn’t build their own list of followers if their life depended on it. You know why?  Because they only chase after the green and never fix anyone’s problems.  They don’t give value to their audience but create more frustration and headaches.


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

Creating a passive income will test your guts and grit.  If you do have common sense you will understand that the internet, even though still at its infancy has exploded and has forever changed our lives for the better.  Never are we so much closer to each other even if we are miles apart.

A proven system like networking is probably the most powerful business one can leverage from if you have the knowledge and hunger to compete in.  Income from working for yourself at a traditional brick and mortar business will always be beaten by the power of a thousand downlines even while receiving only a small percentage of their profits from each.

You may have to go through the Hell’s kitchen, lose some needed sleep, make some hustle on answering all of your subscriber’s queries to the best of your abilities, but the massive recurring passive income you will receive at the end of the month will definitely be enough to never look back to your 9-5 job ever again.


Inspiring and Empowering you,

how to create a passive income






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