Chase After Your Dreams – How To Reach Your Dreams Responsibly

Chase After Your Dreams


Being an entrepreneur has many satisfactions.  There is nothing more rewarding than finally seeing your dreams come into reality.

After the all the hard work, sleepless hours and frustrations to chase after your dreams, it finally happens.  The question is, are you ready to accept the responsibilities that comes along the success.

After fully investing my time into my online business, I come to realize that just like life itself, it is a journey.
You cannot forget the importance of that fact.

 Watch my video below on how to chase after your dreams while being responsible to those who are around you.



Chase After Your Dreams On The Internet: The Beast or The Best Friend?

Chase after your dreams
The internet is worse than a big city that never sleeps.  It is a monster that can run a mock in your personal life if you are not careful.  Just like any great inventions we have created to make our lives better, it has its good side and bad side.

Some have used the power of the internet to make create the financial freedom and careers never thought possible in the speed of light.  Most have used it as a barrier and distraction of cat videos, silly people, babies, hot chicks and carnal desires instead of using it for self development.

I love inspiring words and here is a few quotes I love from brainyquotes on how to chase after your dreams to inspire my day.

The freedom you wanted to create in the first place can trap you, much like a celebrity has no freedom in the eyes of the public.

If you find yourself at the pinnacle of your career online, be mindful of your inner core beliefs because it can change your whole outlook on life.  Greed can take over even when we least suspect it.

Climbing one mountain makes you want to climb more and more.  And being on top can be a very lonely place and you don’t want to find yourself alone.

When success in your online business finally arrives, more often than not, so does many other facets of your life grows as well.

Have you ever notice that when it rains it pours? While your business  is on the rise your personal seems to get more complicated whether good or bad.

You might becoming a parent, moving to a new country, getting married or perhaps a death in family and tragedy.

We do not choose the times of our life events but these are times where you are tested in your decision making ability.

The old fork on the road appears and we have to see which path to take.  Our lives crash into each other so fast we might miss out on the most important things in life.

Like most of us humans, we always learn the hard way and life always has to kick us in the butt first before we learn.

Experience is our best teacher but wisdom comes from knowledge and making right and sober decision from any situations we might face.

Burning out and getting overwhelmed are the by-products of success.  While you are on your journey towards full time entrepreneurship or you are a seasoned veteran ready for more projects, make sure to remember who you are doing this for and why.

I see lots of beginners and seniors doing this every time.  They get caught up in the online game and forget how important having your inner circle is by your side.
No man is an island.

You need your family, friends and your online community you had started with.


3 Tips To Keep You On Track

Chase after your dreams

I will now share with you my top three tips on how to make sure you are not only growing in your career by yourself but everyone else around you and you inner most circle.

Tip 1 –  Celebrating your little victories and the blessings you already have.  Even just being able to be competent enough to work on your online business or even if you are still an employee trying to go full time online, remember that these are your humble beginnings.

It is essential for your growth as much so as a baby needing milk or baby teething.

Remember to celebrate this small victories with your wife, kids, and family who have supported you since day 1 (your online family included :) ) when you reach your goals.

Tip 2 – Nothing happens by chance.  I am a Christian and I am a believer that God has given me more than enough talent and gifts to be what he wants me to be and am more than able to reach His destiny for me in my life.

I believe in grace and no matter what your belief is, none of us really deserves our “luck”, “blessing” or our ” good fortune”.

The right opportunity comes along and if you have self confidence in your God given talent, it can catapult you to the adventure of your life.

Accepting misfortune and tragedy obviously is just as part of our whole struggle and it is necessary, essential and beneficial to your success.

Being able to fight through adversity is like baptism under fire while being grateful and thankful just as much as you were on top is perhaps the greatest character any human being can have.

A thankful attitude in any situation is the true heart of a champion.

Tip 3 – Add the two points I have mentioned above and share your story to inspire and influence people’s lives for the  better.

I know that sometimes you might think your story isn’t as cool.  It doesn’t have value compared to a Hollywood million dollar movie.

Neither it is as compelling as the best selling books out there but the whole point is that no matter how small or large your circle of influence maybe, you should always hold yourself accountable to these souls.

All eyes are on you and people look up to you.  They want to ride along your journey, in good times and bad times.
You are not just chasing after your dreams for your own achievement but your inner circle are also chasing theirs.
And if you can relate to them, it will keep you humbled and be satisfied by touching someone’s heart.

I can remember myself every now and them during family events carrying my laptop (still do sometimes ;) ) because later on the day I can excuse myself and work on my blog.  I just love what I do so much sometimes!

Everybody knows that when you get your creative juice flowing it is very hard to put the brakes on.

I sometimes forget about family time and take it for granted.  And one day it dawned on me.  The reason why I chose to be an entrepreneur and to work for myself was to be able to spend time with the people I love.

No matter how irresponsible it would seem to be to just not work on my projects, I have to remind myself that life is very short and tomorrow isn’t promised today.

We should be passionate and work diligently for our dreams but never make your family and your life compete with your career and place them second.

Lao Tzu said that a journey starts with a single step and wherever that step lands you until your last breath and last heart beat, it should be enjoyed and shared with those who love you and you love.

Chase after your dreams


Mighty Joe’s Final Thoughts

When you chase after your dreams, you have to remember that sooner than later you will get to a point where you can get overwhelmed from your own success and you may drown yourself out.

Balancing your personal life and being able to look at your current situation from a third person perspective is very important and crucial to your own self development and growth.

A lot of entrepreneurs forget about their health and personal relations in exchange for working overtime with their projects.

I know that there is only 24 hours in a day and it is not enough to complete our tasks and take care of our relations, but putting your inner circle first before anything else is the best anchor to keep your feet on the ground as you run towards the price.

It is about taking responsibility for those who needs your whole undivided attention aside from your clients and customers.

There is plenty of fish in the sea and money comes when you are ready for it.  You only got one family and this is your fuel to keep you in order in a very chaotic matrix we call the Internet.


Inspiring and Empowering you,

surf joe






Joseph Villanueva

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