As a network marketer online, it is a privilege to be in this multi billion dollar MLM industry.  Compare to any other MLM business types and home based businesses, online networking is probably the most rewarding out of them all.

It is not only the easiest way to create loyal and loving followers online, and trust me I know first hand because I have been involved before in insurance MLM, fitness MLM, and nutrition MLM.  Online MLM is the only place where you can become an author.

Authority blogging content that is of value will help you in the long run as it genuinely gives value to your information that is so desperately needed by your lost readers. These lost readers will have their fix, in turn will gain your trust and trust is something you cannot purchase in life.

Trust is always earned not given and they will be more than willing to support your campaigns.

authority blogging content

Trust is earned not given

In today’s blog I give you a few tips on how to have authority blogging content that have worked really well for me. It really is common sense to be honest, and as authors of these blogs, we need to practice these common senses and give value back to the senseless.

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This isn’t school time and you ain’t gotta hand in your halfway work to your teacher.  If you feel that you are spreading yourself too thin, then you are probably right.  Authority blogging shouldn’t be a chore, it is a privilege to fix a broken world.

If you can handle a valuable content everyday, every other day or every week depending on your own capability, then knock yourself out and blog on my friend!

You are your own boss in this business and you make your own schedule.

Authority blogging may be your job but remember your are also the publisher, so relax and smell the coffee.


Now, let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone here brethrens.  I don’t mean not to get ideas and inspiration from other authority bloggers out there.  I believe in Life depicting Arts and Arts depicting Life.  But copy and pasting another blog out there has no taste at all.

It’s all about the soul.  This makes a direct connection with tip numero uno where you must take time to create valuable content.  You need to get out there and smell the coffee and be inspired once again.

It’s all about being original and getting out of your comfort zone dude.

Do you really want to be remembered when you take the dirt nap with a legacy of helping a broken world or dishonor being a copy.  To Inspire and Empower is my motto!


authority blogging content

Hippie Girl: Oh Homer J, how do you keep your hair so rich and full?
Homer: Lather, Rinse and Repeat….always Repeat

As a fitness professional at heart, I am a strict believer of consistency.  You start out with no small muscles but be consistent in feeding it, training it, then resting it and you will be lining up in front judges with your trunks in a bodybuilding show.

Just like anything in life where we learn how to play the “game”, knowing and studying the rules and beating everyone is just the same as keeping authority blogging content consistent.

Focusing on an industry you are good at like a laser and milk it!  Which is why deep down in my very soul, authority content blogging was my calling and a skill that I needed to utilize consistently.

This will also benefit me in the long run as I am an entrepreneur at heart and so do most of you reading this right now.  Authority content blogging has allowed me to express myself creatively.

It has challenged my mind and gave me satisfaction that no other sources in this earth can provide.  Freedom of expression, to Inspire and Empower the people through words.

authority blogging content

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the laptop is a machine gun compared to both!

Now that you know that the laptop is greater than a pen then you are like holding a machine gun arsenal at your disposal.  Pick a topic in your niche, create an authority blogging content, then repeat…..always repeat.

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